Wattbike resistance in IOS


I am using a wattbike atom V2 with the latest firmware together with zwift on an iPad. I can’t get the resistance to change with the terrain or get erg mode working. I have connected to everything with no luck.
The bears work, but I may as well be cycling on a flat, the hills have no impact

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help

You haven’t used the beta Wattbike firmware, have you? There was an issue with this a while back where beta firmware caused lots of problems with Zwift.

At the initial pairing screen have you selected and paired your Wattbike to the ‘Resistance’ option.

Info/support from Wattbike below. It is slightly out of date as Zwift has recently changed the word ‘Controllable’ to ‘Resistance’ on the paring screen

Ah, that may be the issue. I was trying to pair it to both hub and zwift, but that didn’t work at all so I focused on just zwift. I will roll back the firmware
Thanks for your help!

Yes, I selected resistance but that didn’t work. I will try rolling back the firmware
Thanks for your help

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