Stuck in gear 6 on Wattbike Atom

So the other day I could not get out of gear 6 and ended up completing an entire ride like that. Next time I logged in it seemed to be back to normal. Then today I am back in gear 6 again. This time I tried logging in and out, powering down etc but nothing fixed it. I have the latest Zwift update too.

Hi Felix, thanks for reaching out! I’d be happy to help! I’d first recommend that your Wattbike firmware is up to date. You can accomplish this in the Wattbike Hub app​!

If you are already up to date or that does not help, I have seen a work around for this by pairing like normal and then once in game turning the Wattbike Atom off for 15 seconds and then repairing it.

Apple TV by any chance? Was you using Erg mode before getting stuck in gear?

Zwift introduced a bug a while back where when you finish your erg workout you need to repair & reboot the Atom to get the gears working…

It used to be fine, it’s fine on an iPad… Apple TV just has a huge number of bugs that are simply not being dealt with.