Gear display and no gear 1

My gear display in zwift has changed recently and I’m not sure what it means, can anyone help please?

Also on Alp du zwift today I couldn’t shift down to gear 1. Had the full range of the other gears but could have done with that last granny gear.

I’m on the atom, connected to iPad via Bluetooth.



It’s a Wattbike display bug introduced in the March update. Others have reported it too.

Ah thanks @Steve_Hammatt hopefully it’ll be ironed out soon.

I’ve got the same issue

Same issue here on an atom. Does anyone know what the ‘5’ before the gear is for?

Has anyone tried the Wattbike beta firmware version as a fix?

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Hi! A friend asked me about this but I haven’t had that problem… did you received any answer?

Nothing yet!