Wattbike Atom gear shifts not displayed on Android app (V2)

I would like to raise this topic again with the hope of drumming up more support and please spread the word to add votes to this post and issue. Im sure many Zwifters are not aware they have a voice here on the forums, so please spread the word Zwifters.
I believe there must be a large swathe of Atom/Android users affected by the issue where gear selections are not displayed as they are on Apple devices.
It would be nice to have Zwift comment as to why Android users are disadvantaged by this issue. It would also nice to know if this issue is on the Zwift roadmap?

Please vote for this topic!

I don’t think you’re actually disadvantaged by this, but as a fellow Adroid and Wattbike user I’d also like the feature.

I’ll see if I can find anything out.

By the way, I think this should work for you if you connect over Bluetooth? I think it’s just Ant+ where gears don’t display. I don’t think it’s an Android thing.

Hi James,
Thanks for the reply. I did check and I already connect with Bluetooth…and there’s no gear changes displayed unfortunately. Have you had any luck investigating?