Wattbike Atom users on Zwift

Hi all,

I use a Wattbike Atom (first edition) and was wondering if anyone is able to get gearing readout on Zwift. I use the Android App but still don’t see anything even though it should now be enabled.

Happy to use this thread for any other Wattbike Zwift chat.


I get the gear notifications fine in normal riding and races (though I’m on iOS and via Bluetooth). I know it was an issue some time back though.

The gears don’t seem to show for workouts where there are free ride sections and you drop out of ERG (others have said this isn’t working for them at all however). My free rides have been fine and I can feel the gears changing, I’m just not sure precisely what gear I’m in (plus I’m generally trying not to black out).

DCRainmaker just reviewed V2 and in the comments it was noted the gearing does not show via Ant+, only BT…but no mention of the program platform. Try iOS if possible using BT.

I’m definitely connected via Bluetooth but using android app. I wonder if anyone else is using that set up on the original Atom.