No gear display during workouts?! Wattbike Atom. Bluetooth

Had my wattbike atom and zwift for nearly 4 months now.

Been using a crazy set up that involves my phone (bluetooth) on the wattbike hub app in order to see gear changes and my laptop (ant+ dongle) for everything zwift related.

This setup has been kind of acceptable/reliable until recently as the Ant+ drops out almost every ride (rather than ever few rides) sometimes causing a 1-3minute break in workouts to manually unplug and reconnect!

So I’ve decided to try bluetooth direct to wattbike from laptop… no ant+ no phone.

To cut the long story short WHY? does zwift allow you to observe gear changes when just free riding but as soon as I choose a workout (which is the only type of riding I do) does it not show gear shifts? Surely this is something that should just show as standard? Not everyone needs to use ERG mode I like to do things manually and have control over my ride, but it’s very hard when I dont know what gear I’m in!

Apologies in advance if I’m just being stupid and there is a simple fix to this (which I hope there is)

Many thanks!