Wattbike Atom gear shifts not displayed on Android App

I’ve just set up my new Wattbike Atom, using my Galaxy Tab S6 to run the Zwift Android App. According to the various resources I’ve found online, the gear shifts should display in the top left hand corner, but I can’t see them pop up ever. I’ve made sure I’m connected using Bluetooth, and not ANT+. I’ve also tested with my Macbook Air, and the gear shifts are displayed in the top left hand corner as expected. However, using a laptop with the Atom isn’t very convenient compared to a tablet.

Is this a known issue with the Android App, or am I just looking in the wrong place? It’d be good to get this sorted, it’s not a deal breaker but it’s very useful info to have displayed.

I have the same problem with a v1 Atom and the Android Zwift app running on my Pixel 3a phone.

It’s frustrating, as I’d like to switch to using a tablet with zwift, so I’m not limited to cycling next to my computer.

Looks like us Android Atom users are getting nowhere with this!