Wattbike Atom Gear Shift Problem

(Ewan) #1

This is a new very recent bug. Either brought about by a Zwift update or an iOS update.

When riding in non-ERG mode (for example, just ride), the gear shifter doesn’t seem to work. It shows Gear 4 and then when you change it up to 5, it shows Gear 5 for about 2 seconds and then shows Gear 4 again. As you continue to go up the gears, it toggles between say gear 12 and gear 4. Same thing if you are below gear 4. As you go down from gear 4 it shows gear 2 for a small amount of time and then shows gear 4 again.

This is a bug on the two identical Wattbike Atoms I have.

There was an intermittent problem with the ERG mode but that seems to have been fixed by rebooting the iPad.

Zwift on iPad v 1.0.35413
iOS: 10.14.4
Wattbike Firmware: 1.01.83

(Kehva) #2

There was an update just released for Zwift that has some important bug fixes in it. You can download the latest update on the App Store. If updating doesn’t solve the problem, try these steps below when going to ride:

  1. Sign onto Zwift and go through to the Ride Screen; the gears should be jumping when shifting.
  2. Turn the Wattbike off at the red switch for around 15 seconds.
  3. Make sure It shows that it’s disconnected on the top right, goes grey and everything blank.
  4. Turn the Wattbike back on and see if the gears are still jumping.
(Ewan) #3


Thank you very much for the swift and informative reply. I downloaded the updated app from the app store and tried it out. Unfortunately the gear jumping issue is still there.

However, I went through the procedure of turning off the Wattbike during a ride…waiting 15 seconds and then turning it back on and the gear jumping problem was fixed.

I’ll use this work around when required but is there a permanent fix in the works?


(Jean) #4

I can confirm this exact same issue on Zwift using MacOS 10.14.4 and Wattbike Atom on latest and and even BETA firmware 6.00.25 [BETA].

This issue started since the last Zwift update.

(Ewan) #5

I should also have confirmed that this is an issue with both the stable Wattbike firmware and the Beta firmware. The only other information I can give on this is that it is always an issue when you end an ERG mode workout and move out of ERG mode. Switching Wattbike off and on fixes this issue.

Strangely, this also happened on the Bologna TT challenge. Prior to the TT Challenge, I cycled round New York with the gear issue, switched the Wattbike off and on and the problem was fixed. Then I was moved to the TT holding point before the start and as soon as the race started, the gear problem reappeared.

As I said in the previous reply, the work around does solve the problem but it is somewhat irritating to have to get off the Wattbike, turn it off, wait 15 seconds, turn it on again and then start pedaling in the middle of a race…

(Chris) #6

I get the problem every time I start Zwift - ERG or not. Have raised with the support team, but response has been limited now we are past turning it off and on again.

This is a Zwift bug related to the recent updates and not Wattbike firmware. Bit of a shame as both have been rock solid for a while now.

(Ewan) #7

Another problem has surfaced. Zwift is losing cadence information from the Wattbike intermittently. This happens in both ERG and non-ERG mode. In ERG mode this obviously causes a big problem because the Wattbike starts to ramp up the resistance. After about 2 or 3 seconds, cadence information returns. In non-ERG mode the gear shift indicator changes to Gear 6 when the cadence information returns.

Occasionally the gear indicator shows 50 (!!) for a second and then gear shifting is disabled for a few seconds.

Intermittent faults like this are very hard to track down. However, when I exited and shut down the companion app, the cadence issue didn’t reappear for the rest of the work out.

nb: this problem continued despite resetting the Wattbike as instructed above.