Wattbike atom

Has anyone had issues with Power on a wattbike atom. My old turbo on zwift the power would be quite stable but on the atom it’s all over the place. Very frustrating.

Hi @harry_finnigan welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at ZwiftHQ here. I’m looking at your Feb 18 session and noticed that your iPad is running v.1.0.43801 of the Zwift game app

Would you try updating the game app? We’re on a version a couple generations newer now, so Iet’s rule out older version errors.

hey @shooj thanks for the response. I am training tonight so will do that. I hope it works as i much prefer Zwift to the Wattapp.

@shooj I updated the app and did a work out and its the same. One minute i could be doing 400W then drops for 170W but I am doing the same power.


@shooj Have you had a chance to look at this?

Hi @harry_finnigan
To give us more to troubleshoot - please let us know what modes you’re in when these power fluctuations happen?

  1. During structured workouts when the ERG mode is in effect?
  2. During events (weekly races or Tour de Zwift, etc)
  3. During a free ride when SIM mode is in effect?

Thanks for updating the game app. The last ride I’m seeing on our server was Feb 25. Were you experiencing this on that day?

If so - would you send us some files from your iPad to look at? We’ll want the log files and FIT file from that day. Here are instructions to locate them.
Please send them to support@zwift.com. In the body of your email, ask for Shuji and copy and paste the URL of this forum thread.

I’ll forward them to our QA team for further investigation.