Wattbike Atom Next Gen


Ive had a next gen Wattbike Atom for a few weeks but not sure if it’s working correctly or not. So interested to know if other next gen users are seeing the same?

My issues -

  1. I have to pair the controllers with the wattbike every time i start it up. E. G. By holding down all 3 buttons on right shifter for a few seconds.

  2. Wattbike claim that next gen shifting is more instant with Zwift. But when i try general riding i find its “variable”. Most of the time it’s fine but i get periods where the gear shift is very laggy.

  3. Doing workouts in ERG mode is unusable. The power, and thus the resistance, jumps wildly all over the place. I’m now using gear mode for workouts as that works better. I didn’t have this issue with my tacx flow. I raised this with wattbike who say the bike is very power accurate and sames many times per second. They suggest the issue is my pedalling efficiency.

Anyone having similar issues? Thanks.

I have a Watt bike Atom but it’s the original version. I had an issue with the power being all over the place, ended up making them take it back to their factory to look at and turned out one of the crank torque sensors was faulty. They had also previously told me it was my peddling technique too!
I would suggest checking the batteries in the controllers. The ones that shipped with my bike lasted about a month!

Thanks, Jim.

I’m having similar difficulties with ERG mode and the Wattbike Atom NG. It may well be that my pedalling efficiency is poor to be honest as I’m pretty new to cycling in general, but I get no real issues maintaining consistent power when in sim mode.

I’m finding it near impossible to maintain high cadence and relatively low power output (like on the rest sections of workouts), the numbers jump all over the place so wildly that it’s just impossible.

Yes, that’s exactly my experience too. I can’t believe this is all down to pedaling technique.