Wattbike Atom NG - ERG Power Issues

Am using Wattbike Atom NG - used to be on a Wahoo Kickr - and their appears to be a bug that affects the variability of power shown in ZWIFT in ERG Mode.

The power shown on the Wattbike Hub appears to be pretty smooth and on-target but the power numbers in Zwift are all over the place (the 3 second smoothing is on). This was a simple Z2 to Z3 interval session - same 4 intervals repeated 3 times see screenshot below. If I was using the Kickr as previously I’d see almost fully straight lines.

Can’t believe that WB Atom is Zwift certified as claimed if there is this much discrepancy in power

Kickr has something called ERG smoothing which makes it look very flat - Turn that off and you would see something akin to that…

Though, the Atom isnt great at holding erg numbers and there is some fluctuation around the target watts - better than it used to be, but still some oscillation around the number.

Plus for some reason I find ERG mode with Atom & Apple TV \ Bluetooth horrific to use for a few months, but its much better on Ant+ & a PC.