Gear sticks on 4

I use the wattbike atom, when I’m using zwift I change gear to say 11 which shows this in the wattage box it immediately then shows 4. This happens everyone I change gear. The actual gears on the atom do change. Anyone know of a fix.

Our developers are aware of this issue, but haven’t yet been able to reproduce it in our labs. We are actively investigating into this for a fix as soon as possible. I’m sorry about that!

There have been some users who have resolved this issue by powering down their WattBike. I’d like you to try the following steps to ensure we are clearing Bluetooth states, etc:

  1. Turn off WattBike at red switch
  2. Switch off bluetooth on your device
  3. Quit out of Zwift and restart device
  4. Turn on WattBike
  5. Switch on bluetooth on device
  6. Log back on to Zwift to see if issues persist

Give that a try and let me know how it goes. If it continues to happen, please submit a support ticket and let us know what firmware your WattBike is set on, and any other details that might help us reproduce the issue.

Thank you,

Hi Lauren, when you say quit out of zwift do you mean delete the app and re install. Plus when you say firmware for the bike what does that mean, sorry my tech knowledge is pretty poor.

I mean to exit out of Zwift and restart device. Firmware is basically the software inside of the trainer. If you follow the instructions here to use their app to update the firmware on your trainer, you’ll be able to see what firmware version you’re on.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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It’s working, thank you Lauren.


Yay! Glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m having the exact same issue, this first happened last night prior to a group ride, turned off the bike, quit Zwift, bike back on, opened Zwift, all sorted. Having the same issue again today and can’t resolve. The bike and gears are working fine when using the Wattbike hub app so appears to be an issue just using Zwift. Zwift auto updated 3 days ago, curious if that’s caused this issue.

Bike and gears working fine on Zwift too, it’s just the gear drop down box keeps appearing to say I’m in 4th… when I’m not

Hi I’ve had a few messages back from Zwift and they are well aware of the issue and hopefully will be releasing a fix soon.

Yeah cheers Paul, I reported it too before spotting your post, also had a reply now to say they’re aware of the issue. Hopefully a quick fix

I’m also experiencing this problem. I’ll try to use the work around to avoid. Do you have to do the app / Wattbike restart everytime?

Hi. My solution at the moment is to delete and then reinstall the Zwift app on my iPad. I sometimes have to do this twice before the 4th gear display disappears.

I have exactly the same issue - but the temporary fix does not work. Do you know when an update will be available to sort this?

When I spoke to the guys at Zwift all they could confirm was they are looking into it and hopefully something will be out soon. The more queries they get will help.

Thanks Paul - lets hope they sort soon.

Yes same issues here sadly. Can it fix it

The easiest workaround is to start the ride, switch the Wattbike off and on again. That solves it until the next ride. Tech support have told me they’re working on trying to reproduce the issue so they can fix it.

Hi all, can anyone help? My Wattbike atom changes through the gears on screen on Zwift and on the bike but onscreen if you change to gear 10 it shows gear 10 but then changes back to gear 4 (on screen) even though the resistance and power output is for gear 10. So as you go up or down through the gears, everytime you change you see the gear you are going in to but then the screen number goes back to 4. I have updated my app and disconnected and reconnected bluetooth and shifters on bike but no change.

Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone know a fix?



I am also experiencing this issue.

Hi guys I’ve just had this from Zwift…We will bring up the forum thread that you started to the attention of the dev team, to et a fix as soon as possible!