Zwift academy free ride not working wattbike

Not sure where to report this . In zwift academy workout today on wattbike atom. When we got to free ride, ERG did not turn off. I was not the only wattbike complaining.

Any idea if I can fix? Or zwift bug?

Wattbike atom, Apple TV , zwift companion

Wattbike Atom won’t go into freeride midway through a workout when using Apple TV - it will if you use a laptop though (I use an Macbook)

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Using an Imac here, the Atom switches perfectly into non-Erg mode but there is nothing on the Imac screen to tell me what gear I’m using

Ah…I thought they had fixed the gear selection not showing bug in a previous update?!

I’m in exactly same situation…maybe we were on the same ride actually? From the other responses looks like that there isn’t a resolution with the Atom/Apple TV set up and I’m not about to go changing that so I’ll not waste any more of my time with the Academy I guess!

I raised the issue directly with Zwift and it sounds like a known issue they are working on… we will see…

For info, if you use an iPad, it’s fine, so for now, i will airplay to Apple TV for the Zwift academy workouts, Not ideal, but better than nothing