Wattbike Atom Gears

A Q for the masses… joined the Zwift Academy programme for some structured training. Riding my Wattbike Atom. I completed the Speed Profile session this morning and in the “free ride” sections, which are simply flat out sprints, it the programme goes out of Erg mode in normal mode…my Q is how do I know what gear I’m in as it doesn’t seem to be shown anywhere on screen?



Same prob here. It was supposed to turn off erg but didn’t, and I couldn’t in the app

I think it is switching from ERG to manual, but it doesn’t give the usual on-screen gear indication in workout mode. You just have to go by feel.

It’s the lack of gear indication that is the problem…HELP ZWIFT!!!

This could be the issue that stops me winning a pro-contract!!! NOT!!!:joy:

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It wont switch to freeride if you are using Apple TV but will if you use a Laptop. I thought they had fixed the gear indicator in a previous update ?

Nope, In the free ride section, my power dropped to 145 w. I tried changing gears, I tried changing out of erg on the companion ,but nothing worked, As soon as free ride section was over, watts went back up again