Game Update v 1.57.3 [January 2024]

Hello Zwifters! Phased rollout of Zwift version 1.57.3 begins today for all OS platforms.

This is a minor game update, with one new addition from the previous release:

  • This release includes a minor improvement to Zwift Click firmware update checks.

UPDATE February 1
Phased rollout of game version 1.57.3 is complete to all OS platforms.

Do you have any questions or issues to report? Ask below.


Hi folks,

I wanted to give you a quick update regarding the previous 1.57.0 game release.

After releasing 1.57.0 last week, we received a few (< 10) customer reports of unexpected behavior regarding trainer resistance. We take these reports very seriously, so with an abundance of caution, we rolled back the 1.57.0 release so that we could safely investigate these reports. For clarity, this rollback caused Mac and PC users to return to game version 1.56.0, and iOS/Apple TV/Android users moved to game version 1.57.1 (1.57.1 is identical to 1.56.0, but app stores require new versions to have a higher version number than the previous, which is why it looks like a newer release based on its version number).

We are still actively investigating the reports from the 1.57.0 release, and will provide updates when we have more to share. In the meantime, today we are releasing game update 1.57.3 which, as mentioned above, has just one small change to Click firmware update checks.




Continuing the discussion from Game Update 1.57 [January 2024]:

This is still not fixed.

I finally got 1.57 before today’s ride. I tested two rides, ended them both using the Companion app but got no popup on the phone and had to reach for the computer keyboard to dismiss the streak screen.

Latest Zwift, latest Companion, latest Windows 10, iPhone 12, latest iOS.

Hi @Erlendur_S_Th - That fix was in the original 1.57.0 release which was rolled back last week while we investigate a small number of customer reports related to trainer resistance. In the meantime, we released 1.57.3 this week which does not include the original changes from 1.57.0 - it just has one change related to Click firmware update checks.

The original changes from 1.57.0 will be rolled into our next major game release, 1.58.0, which is planned to go live within the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Everyone please note that version 1.57.3 is available to everyone all all OS platforms.

Since January this year I am having issues with connecting devices to Apple TV.

I am trying to connect my Tax Neo 2 trainer and Garmin HRM Pro+ strap.

This should be 2 connections but when I try and pair the HRM Strap it says I am over the limit.

Connections all fine if I use the companion app

May I point out then that the patchnotes in Game Update 1.57 [January 2024] need to be redacted or the patchnotes here include that these issues were re-introduced? I have been waiting for the

Fixed an issue where the Ride Streak screen could potentially not be dismissed via the Zwift Companion app.

fix since Ride Streak were introduced.

I reported the issue on 1.55 back in Dec 2023: Game Update v 1.55 [December 2023] - #75 by Erlendur_S_Th. Finally got a 1.57 version update tonight, Feb 2024, but it still didn’t work. Now finally realizing that this 1.57 was some different 1.57 from a different code branch than the original 1.57.

@shooj I got the update for 1.57.3 today and I am experiencing the resistance issues over here.

Sounds like something else might be grabbing the second BLE connection in your ATV. Have you been force-quitting Zwift after each use? Have you tried power cycling the ATV and/or resetting it, to see if that frees up the other connection?

I have a different issue on ATV.

Each time there is an update I am prompted to accept terms and conditions, when I try to do so I get a black screen with the words ‘Coming Soon!’

Because of this I have to reinstall zwift every time an update occurs.

Last night this fixed the Bluetooth connection issue for me

That shouldn’t be happening. Reset (not restart) your ATV and it should fix that. A reset will put the ATV back to factory defaults amd then you can install Zwift.

Thanks, appreciate your help, I have factory reset several times, nothing resolved this

That’s an old Apple bug: see this forum thread.


Good call, I forgot about that.

Every time there’s an update it seems to cause problems for a particular subset of users, me this time. Noticed yesterday that it had updated to 1.57.3 on my PC (gaming PC with far more than adequate specs) and on yesterday’s workout and this morning’s TDZ it crashed/froze on the save screen😡 Running companion at the same time so then clicked save on there but then seems to think I’m still Zwifting when all turned off for ten minutes and then eventually saves a ride short of time/distance.
Judging by chat this morning on Discord seems to be happening to other PC users here in the UK as well.
It gives the impression that updates are tested on the live platform rather than a test server sometimes.

It seems that update 1.57.3 caused some trouble in combination with the Tacx Flux S of mine. This morning I started a workout, clean Power off start, pair and calibrate.
The version 1.56.0 was stable, ride three times a week. At least
After the workout I continued with a Pacer Group Tumi but after eight minutes the trainer disappeared, power, control, cadence al blanc.

PC - Win10 - Ryzen5 - 1660super
Tacx Flux S

I dont know if I am the correct forum, but after I downloaed the latest update that Zwift said was important, and was promted to change my password because Zwift informed me that my passcode was part of a data leak. Zwift has been terribly glitching. Zwift wont let me log out and re-log back in, says there is an error so I have to restart my entire Apple TV. When I signed up for race and in race pen, everyone else racing, disappears from screen. I had to drop out from points race last night because I could not see anyone I was suppped to be racing. Any help would be appreciated.

This usually is caused by a network error or loss of wifi signal. Try rebooting your network, modem, and wifi equipment.

There’s an unresolved issue with the Tour de Zwift Stage 8 long route (Spiral Into the Volcano), it’s making a shortcut for everyone (lacking one lap around the Volcano before doing the Volcano KOM). So if you actually want to do Spiral Into the Volcano, you need to exit the event before the last junction, and manually navigate the rest of the route. Please, fix…