Game Update 1.50 [October 2023]

Hello Zwifters!

These are the release notes for Zwift game version 1.50, which begins a phased rollout today on Windows / macOS / Android. iOS and tvOS will begin tomorrow.

  • Virtual Shifting will be supported on Zwift Hub with the Zwift Play or Zwift Click controllers through firmware updates. Ensure that your Hub is updated to firmware 5.2 to check it out!
  • Improved bike movement behavior in worlds with left-hand traffic.
  • Zwift Play: Fixed an issue which could cause reconnection issues or game crashes on the Pairing screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause Zwifter’s bikes to sway left or right in a pack and lose draft in Pack Dynamics 4.1.
  • Fixed an issue which could potentially cause users to get incorrectly flagged with the “cone of shame” when riding Hilly Route Reverse and Flat Route Reverse in Watopia.
  • Fixed a crash that could potentially occur when starting a Coffee Stop via the Zwift Companion app.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the roadway and water to flicker in the cave on the Jungle Circuit route in Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue which caused water to be missing on some routes in Makuri Islands.
  • General game stability improvements.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the pairing screen
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when saving a video screenshot

Android, iOS

  • Fixed an issue where password reset emails were not sent if the account’s email address contained a “+”.

UPDATE October 12

  • Phased rollout to Windows / macOS / Android continues today.
  • Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS has begun

UPDATE October 13

  • Phased rollout to all OS platforms is complete

UPDATE October 19

  • Zwift Hub: Fixed an issue that could cause lower resistance than expected after updating to firmware version 5.2+.

Please ask questions or report issues below.

  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause Zwifter’s bikes to sway left or right in a pack and lose draft in Pack Dynamics 4.1.

I noticed that my avatar no longer swerves to the left after steering into the draft directly behind another rider. That used to be really frustrating, so cheers for the fix!


So this is why it took a coupla restarts and finally two cold reboots to get Zwift running this morning. Apparently the update choice has not been implemented on my system and so getting it going was a 15 minute exercise in frustration. Glad I didn’t have a special event on the calender…

@Mark_Crane_TOG_G_65y Sorry to hear about the issue - could you share a bit more information about what happened? If you can also confirm which version of the game you’re running as well, that would be helpful (1.50 is rolling out gradually and is only out for a small number of Mac/Windows/Android users currently).

If you’re using Windows or Mac, the “Update Later” option is now available in Zwift Launcher version 1.1.10 which should have been automatically updated on your device, but if not, you can download the latest version of the installer at Download Zwift on iOS, MAC, PC, or Android Devices | Zwift. If you’re on Apple TV, iOS, or Android, you can turn on automatic updates in your respective app stores which will update Zwift in the background and should ideally cause less disruption in the future.


Evan, I’ll double check the version I’m running when I get home but here’s what happened as well as I can remember since I was logging on at 0530:

  1. Woke up the computer, a i7-6700 workstation, with a fancy SSD and GPU
  2. Looked at Zwifthacks for figger out what event I was going to run
  3. Decided on the Ascenders ride starting in 30 minutes
  4. Selected the Zwift link from ZH and registered on the Zwift site
  5. Opened Zwift, put on the HRM, kicked the pedals on the Wahoo bike so it would pair up quicker
  6. Got through the inital loading and selected the early join for the ASC event
  7. Then the Zwift window minimized
  8. I un-minimized it and then it went back to minimized
  9. I closed Zwift and re-started
  10. Repeated 5 thru 8 a coupla times
  11. Shutdown and cold re-booted the computer
  12. Repeated 10
  13. Repeated 11
  14. And then it worked for the rest of the event
  15. When I finish a Zwift event, I log and save the event parameters with Zwiftalyzer and my latest Zwiftpower data in an email to myself
  16. I save the data with screenshots of each window so when I selected it in the email program, there was a new Zwift app download. I imagine this is the latest update because that’s how it usually appears in my downloads.

I’ll let you know what I find out later…

Checking for an update through windows right click on icon doesn’t work.

Not to worry. Game releases are phased over three days. Everyone across all OS platforms will get the update by the end of the week if everything goes as planned.

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Miguel and Bernie both were surging ahead on downhills again. Watts required to keep up were once again very frustrating. Worked fine after last patch. As soon as I’m solo or in another pack of riders the issue disappears.


I’m still at 1.49. I wonder if the Zwift file on my downloads was the 1.1.10 version of the launcher.

The app loads fine now. I guess we’ll see going forward. I very rarely have problems with the app or most aspects of the game. Hope to keep it that way…

This is Slingshot effect you are describing and is caused by PD4.1.1 and i don’t like this pack behavior with surges.

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Works good, but my avatar was continuing 1km after i finished (stoped pedaling) Loch loop, yesterday, is that a new feature ? :slight_smile:
(using win 10, wahoo kickr v4)

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Same here! Windows PC v1.50 Robo Pacer ride. Beyond that, things have been very stable for me, using Zwift Play, Windows PC, KICKR.

EDIT: Tons of Zwift Play disconnects/reconnects on a two hour Robo Pacer ride yesterday. v1.49 was much better as far as Zwift Play is concerned.


Game version 1.50.0 rollout to iOS / tvOS devices has begun, and more Windows / macOS devices will receive the update today.

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I’m having the opposite problem. I would love to manually request an update to new versions when they become available, rather than wait for the phased rollout to reach me. I’m still on 1.49 of the game (and 1.1.10 of the launcher) and I’m not yet seeing the update. I don’t mind waiting for most updates to get around to me, but there have been a few that I wanted to try immediately and had to wait a day or two. I like having the option to postpone an update, but I would love the ability to install one on demand.

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Hi @Justin_Johnson2 welcome to Zwift forums.

A little context from our POV. We stage rollouts to each OS platform over a few days, so a certain percentage of those devices will receive it with each phase This is done in the event a serious bug escapes - we can limit the impact to a smaller cohort.

Usually, the staged rollout goes well and everyone on all OS platforms will have it by Friday (Saturday, if you’re in the APAC time zones). Thanks for your patience.


It would be nice that if you right click on the tray and select Check for Update, that would pull in the latest update.

I moved some posts specially about Virtual Shifting to this other thread: Introducing Virtual Shifting for Zwift Hub [October 2023]. Please join us over there if you’d like to discuss the Virtual Shifting feature specifically.

2 rides with Coco route Castle to Castle, both with the same avg speed 36kph. Avg pwr with 1.49 draft was 183W, but with v1.50 i need 206W. Are you sure it’s better now?