Zwift Hub: very low watts [October 2023] [1.50.0]

I contacted support via email and will let everyone know if and when I get a response.

This issue is clearly affecting a number of people, but we’ve yet to get any kind of official response at all.

Thanks Nico this seems to have resolved it. Possibly why my messing with the gears helped before. I wonder if I forced that mode off by changing the gears so much. Either way, much better having the on off switch you found, so thanks for your help with that. Life is good again.

That fixed my issue too. Thanks mate!

I had the same problem after the last update

Check the advice in this thread and see if it helps.

Zwift Hub owners please note a patch for low resistance issues has been released in game version 1.50.1 to all OS platforms.


Zwiift put me on a wild goose chase to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, it’s been very erratic behaviour you put in more effort the wattage goes low. The resistance behaviour was also not relational to the gradient but the opposite. What I realized is that Zwift Hub is not a hardware solution but a simulation. What good is it if I have to use a sophisticated simulator with a 300% variance in accuracy? Hence decided to return to the Zwift hub. Once I get the refund. I will head for Neo 2T.

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Latest update this morning and a reboot of everything cleared up the issues. Thanks

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Hi @Nico_Cheetham
Are you still experiencing having to change Virtual Shifting to “Off” every time you load Zwift after updating to 1.50.2?

On free rides & races I am getting too little resistance from the Hub. Like I am in my highest 1-2 gears at 70% of my FTP.
Not sure if a new calibration would fix this, but the calibration option is currently not working… (known bug since last update).
With ERG on during workouts its fine. There should be an option to achieve something similar during free rides / races, or am I missing smth?

Turn off Virtual Shifting in Settings.

@Laurents_Mohr Calibration is now automatic if you’re running Zwift Hub firmware version > 4.0 (current as of this writing is 5.2.2); you can read more about auto calibration here: Zwift Hub Auto Calibration

@evan-zwift I am now getting absolutely no watts at all from my Zwift hub, despite the patch being released and installed.

I’ve sent multiple emails to support without response, My Hub is completely non-functional!

I really urgently need a solution to this. Can someone please contact me??

@Phil_Williams1 Sorry to hear about this issue - will get you connected to our support team immediately.

Update: Support has reached out directly.

Zwift nerfed by HUB again this week. That’s two weeks in a row! Come on guys, don’t make me regret buying a trainer that has had no physical issues. Quit the software goofs.

I’ve been trying to get support by mail for my problem for a few days, then every few days someone gets in touch with advice and then when I answer there is no answer.

Same issue has been going on since the update. Apple TV, Kickr V5 and zwift all running on current updates and no tension at all, low wattage. Figure refunds are due since everything was running fine until the updates were pushed. Extremely unhappy.

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I have just installed my new Zwift Hub and updated the firmware for the hub and click devices. I am running the game on a Windows 11 pro device and Bluetooth connection is good for everything. The problem is that when I ride and change ‘gear’ the numbers change in the display but the actual resistance doe not change.

Hello @Brian_Gow welcome to Zwift forums and Zwift more broadly!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m looking through your server logs and see that you are brand new to Zwift.

A couple things I also see that might be tripping you up: During your troubleshooting you were logged in to the game simultaneously from a Windows , an iPhone 13 and iPad 13. Don’t do that. You always want to end each Zwift session before you start another. On mobile devices, backgrounding the app isn’t the same as force-closing it. Always force-close on your iPad or iPhone.

What might be happening in your case is that your trainer is already paired to the iPad when you’re pedaling on the Windows device.

I’d recommend uninstalling the main Zwift app from your mobile devices if you intent to run the game on the Windows laptop. You’ll want to run the Zwift Companion app on your smartphone so that you can use all of its collateral functionality.

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