Game Update 1.50 [October 2023]

Maria back to surging up climbs. Going off the front a few times on the flat and flying downhill. Felt a lot harder than usual.

This has been happening for a month or two.

Still not seeing the update on Mac silicon, UK, Friday 13/10 midday?

Just recivied my Zwift Cog + Click, Still waiting for the update on Windows so I can start using it,
In the UK will we get it today?


me too, although it has landed on iPad so tried it and it works nicely tbf

I’ve had it on my desktop in the UK

patience is a virtue

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Also in UK and just received a Zwift Hub now waiting for PC software update

Same here (UK) although working on my Android tablet so will use that for tonight’s ride.

Updated earlier and had my play controllers disconnect 3 times in the space of 20mins. Never had this happen before

Everyone please note:

Rollout of Zwift vzersion 1.50 is complete to all OS platforms. Please update at your earliest convenience, especially if you own Zwift Hub + Zwift Play (or Click) and would like to try Virtual Shifting.

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I enjoy a chase too.

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Got the update. One issue I experienced is that if I have to stop to pull my bibs down, like for a couple of seconds, ERG is turned off. First time, I didn’t realize that was what was going on, was busy with music, and grabbing a towel, when I realized that the effort I was putting out was quite a bit over the demand at the time. Yeah, ERG drops really quickly. It seemed to be slightly easier to fall back into it, possibly…

At least it seemed to me to be really quick to bail.

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My Apple Watch is not talking to the companion app for HR after the myriad of recent updates. I’ve removed and reinstalled the CA and still not getting HR read on my ATV screen during a ride. Is this a bug that can be fixed? I’m riding a wahoo kickr bike. Thanks.

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I have had that happen even before this update

Apple Watch\Companion app heart rate no longer working after I updated today.

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When will virtual shifting be opened for all smart trainers? It‘s just a matter of software.

Shifting could be done by keyboard, Zwift Play, hopefully ANT+ or any Bluetooth controller.

Would be very fine as this would save on cassettes.
Only one keying would be used.


I have 1.5 installed on Apple TV, and it crashed every time it takes to load a route/event/world. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice. It’s a new Apple TV set up which loads Zwift ok but just crashes at the point of starting a ride. Anyone else having the same?

I did too, but years ago. Pre-update, if I grabbed the gripper trim before I stood up, and then did a quick tug and went back to peddling, I could get the ‘signature move’ done, one leg at a time. I get that stopping peddling should have a ‘cost’, but if you drop a towel, or need another water bottle, should ‘the game’ punish people by dropping the star on an interval?

Should I stop caring if I don’t get a star? They created this system of encouragement, and to remove it for something so simple?

Whatever. First world problems for sure… :man_shrugging: It just seems overly punitive to me.

Is this up to Zwift or up to the trainer manufacturers? I’m trying to wrap my head around this - isn’t it a matter of making a trainer and shifter? The shifter effectively doing nothing but communicating with the trainer and adding or reducing resistance, which in turn changes the wattage needed to move the freewheel, and in turn Zwift taking the changed wattage to calculate your speed?