Game Update 1.52 [November 2023]

Hello Zwifters - we are beginning the phased rollout of game version 1.52 today on Windows, macOS, and Android. Release to iOS and tvOS begins tomorrow.

Here’s what you can expect in this release:

  • Power values displayed in the in-game HUD now fluctuate less erratically when paired with trainers that broadcast power at 10Hz (including Zwift Hub running firmware 5.2 and newer).
  • Watopia Expansion: We mowed – and then paved over – the grass that was incorrectly growing on one section of roadway.
  • Watopia Expansion: Fixed an issue that could cause black squares to appear in some areas.
  • Watopia Expansion: Improved rendering and reduced frequency of objects and buildings “popping in” on approach.
  • Zwift Hub: Zwifters who use Play controllers with Zwift Hub updated to firmware 5.2 or newer will now receive an in-game tutorial introducing them to Virtual Shifting and letting them choose whether to have it enabled or disabled by default.
  • Zwift Hub: For Zwift Hubs that are updated to firmware 5.2 or newer, fixed an issue which could cause the spanner/wrench (i.e. calibration) icon to briefly appear on the Pairing screen after pairing the Hub. Manual calibration is no longer applicable because Auto Calibration is in effect.
  • Reduced rolling resistance proportionally across road, gravel, and mountain bike wheelsets when riding on dirt road types.
  • Reduced rolling resistance for the ENVE G23 wheelsets to match other gravel wheelsets on gravel and dirt road types.
  • Corrected the rolling resistance of the Zwift Mountain bike wheelset on brick road types.
  • Fixed missing shadows from some trees on Alpe du Zwift.
  • Workout Editor: Fixed an issue that could cause the numbers on the duration timeline to flicker.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause Zwifters with steering enabled to get pushed toward the center of the road when drafting a rider to their left.
  • Ride leader fences will now be enabled by default.
  • Improved the behavior of the “Keep Everyone Together” (i.e. rubber-banding) option in group rides to maintain more realistic speeds on routes with high gradients like Alpe du Zwift.
  • Fixed a visual issue that could affect the nameplates of Zwifters behind you.
  • Zwifters can now filter events based on whether steering is required or not.


  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur when opening the Settings screen.
  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur when exiting Zwift.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to momentarily dim after hitting a boost strip on Repack Rush.

UPDATE November 8
Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS has started.
Rollout to Windows / macOS / Android continues today.

UPDATE November 9
Rollout of game version 1.52.0 is complete to all OS platforms.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 15 v. 1.52.2
Windows only:

  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause a game crash for players with AMD Radeon GPUs.

Please ask any questions or report any issues in this thread. Thanks!


The Jungle has been paved :smiley:

Now if we could just delete all the MTB and gravel bikes from the game it would be finished.


Can you expand on this?

Also is there any ETA for fixing the broken powerups in the climb portal when entering from a freeride, or the graphic bug that causes bright light sources to bleed through across the bottom/top of the screen? Both bugs are several months old at this point.

Zwift Insider post about the update: Zwift Update Version 1.52 (122317) Released | Zwift Insider

Details of rolling resistance changes will be published in a separate post tomorrow after we finish testing…


The latest Zwift play update has killed off connection for most Android users. Mine have been rendered completely useless despite Support sending out a replacement.
When will this be addressed as they look ornamental since I purchased them in June.

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Yeah who wants variety. Remove hills and turns as well please.


Do you mean the latest firmware update and not game update?

Hi @Emma, we are still working on this issue. I’ve opened up a new Forum thread to focus feedback on the investigation.

Yes, sorry. It’s something that was supposed to be addressed.

Thankyou Rowdy, much appreciated.

You mention the black squares issues being apparently fixed again Eric but I don’t see it in the release notes.

Is it supposed to be in this fix?

Also @shooj John M mentioned on a Redit post that a big had been found which is affecting CPU load in higher end PC’s that would be fixed in the next game update; any news on that? And could that same fix be possible in Makuri which has had the same sort of CPU Load issue since originally launching.


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Hi Sam, this is covered in:

Thanks Evan; I read the list 3 times and still missed it.

Any news on the CPU Load issues?

I’m sure I’ve seen that this is planned to be fixed in update 1.53 which will be in two weeks time.

In v1.51, I noticed braking with Play controllers stopped working when also pairing an Elite Sterzo. This problem still exists in v1.52. Any idea what’s going on here?

Much appreciated, if so

Poor old River Thames is still empty…


Happy to see the Crr changes for dirt. It looks from the Crr table on ZI like road bikes will perform about like a gravel bike used to on dirt where gravel and MTB will still be faster on dirt than road bikes with their new values. That will make the Jungle less of a slog which will help the new routes in my opinion. I understand some folks liked the jungle as it was, but I’m a fan of the change.


But then we wouldn’t have much to point people towards as a solution if they want a pace in between two pace partners, or to ride with a friend of theirs who is less fast without tweaking their weight :slight_smile: