Game Update v 1.68 [June 2024]

Hello Zwifters
Game version 1.68 starts its phased rollout today to Windows / macOS / Android devices.
Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS begins tomorrow.

  • This July, the spirit of the Tour de France comes alive with Tour Fever on Zwift! Experience the grandeur of cycling’s most prestigious event with our special Tour de France series.
  • Restored the previous rolling resistance behavior on the Epic KOM forward and reverse segments.
  • A new Hardware tab in game settings to set your preferences for controllable trainers, steering devices, and Virtual Shifting.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Kickr Bike handlebar controls to become unresponsive during or after events.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when teleporting to another Zwifter while riding on The Grade segment in Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue on Climb Portal where results may not be displayed upon completion of climb.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause leaderboards to be blank on some segments in Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue where other Zwifters could briefly loop in a circle during group rides.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a small rounding discrepancy when a new FTP is detected after completing The Grade in Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause training plans to scroll unexpectedly when selecting a week.
  • Fixed an issue in Climb Portal where the Average Power and PR could overlap when the PR line chart was visible.
  • Fixed an issue that could show an incorrect distance to a RoboPacer when riding ahead of the pacer group.
  • Repaired an invisible pothole near the Italian Villas in Watopia.
  • Fixed an invisible bump in the road near the entrance of the Road to Sky route in Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the waterfall to disappear in the Jungle Circuit route in Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some rocks to flicker on the Beach Island Loop route in Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a gap to appear near the opening of the volcano entrance in Watopia.
  • Various visual improvements to The Grade expansion in Watopia.
    • Fixed an issue where some rocks and trees could unexpectedly disappear and reappear on the Coastal Crown Loop route in Watopia.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause rider and bike shadows to render incorrectly on the Coastal Crown Loop route in Watopia.
    • We paved over some errant grass that was growing onto the roadway of The Grade segment in Watopia.
    • The text in the “Your Grade” sign at the top of The Grade segment in Watopia is now translated into all supported languages.


  • If Zwift is unable to save files locally, a message will be displayed with links to support and troubleshooting articles.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a square-shaped shadow to follow Zwifters in bright areas. It was probably not a ghost.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause spokes to not be visible on the Comete Pro Carbon SL UST and Cosmic Ultimate UST wheels.

Phased rollout to Windows / macOS / Android devices continues today.
Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS devices has begun.

Phased rollout to all OS platforms is complete. Please update at your earliest convenience.

UPDATE JULY 2 - game version 1.68.2 (Windows only)

  • Windows: Fixed a potential crash that could occur when starting Zwift.

Do you have questions or issues to report? Let us know below.


Zwift Insider notes on today’s release: Zwift Update Version 1.68 (130844) Released | Zwift Insider


Thanks for the rollback of surface types on Epic Zwift!
(didn’t realize it was coming to The Grade route as well, but I’ll take it!)

Looking forward to finally getting to use steering again on kickrbike now, hopefully the fix has concluded that bug!

Same with that weird group ride looping bug, was a funny one, but… of course always confusing when acting as a sweeper.

lots of bugfixes, not the sexiest update for many I’m sure, but, this many fixes are much appreciated.


Did you fix the ghost power up , for like 1-2 sec give you wrong outfit right at the start of that power up at did video about link it in 1.67 i think there i posted it there. @shooj

I’m interested to see this, what it does and how it works. Surprisingly Eric doesn’t even have any information about it.

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iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users - phased rollout has begun.

Someone hasn’t really thought through the accessibility of this page. The contrast on the menu items is appalling.



Looks like you’re using Dark mode. Is that on your browser, OS settings, or both?

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I’m not using dark mode, but the top banner looks similar to Daren’s screenshot on my computer, initially. (This is using Chrome on a Mac)

After I start scrolling down, however, the white-on-yellow text issue goes away.

Still not great for it to be white-on-yellow text even initially, though.

I use dark mode in Windows, but it’s not specific to that.

This is Edge, which I have set to Light mode:

This is Chrome with light mode enabled.

Particularly as it’s a trivial thing to get right. Just change the default white colour to black.


There’s probably some better CSS fix, and the SVG fill colour also needs to be updated for the shopping cart, but it feels like no one checked.

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We’ve let the web team know, and asked to make improvements.


Some of changes are moving existing settings from the original Preferences tab into the Hardware tab (so no new functionality, it just makes it easier to find relevant settings), including:

  • Trainer Difficulty
  • Power Display (3-sec avg or instant)
  • Braking Sensitivity
  • Controller Haptics

And then some new settings are available in the Hardware tab if you own Zwift Ride, like being able to customize the shift style and drop bar buttons.


Thanks for the report (and the video, that’s super helpful) – we’ll get this back to the team for investigation.

Edit: Have you noticed if this issue is happening every time you use the Ghost power up? (Assuming you’ve had other opportunities since it last happened.)

@evan-zwift i will have to go and look into it i have done race with it and re seen it.

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Fixed quickly, which is nice. :ride_on:

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Phased rollout of game version 1.68 is complete.

Still hoping to see video capture happen on gen 1 4k🙏 Thanks for the update👊

Did you see Evan’s comment about that? Him saying it’s not coming to that model is a pretty authoritative answer.

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