Game Update v1.69 [July 2024]

Hello Zwifters!

Game version 1.69 begins the phased rollout on macOS / Windows / Android platforms today.
Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS platforms begins tomorrow.

  • In case you forgot to pair a device before starting an activity, you can now open the Pairing screen and maintain your speed as long as you continue to pedal.
  • A new force field effect appears when steering into the boundary of a lane or into another rider.
  • Updated the estimated completion times and difficulties shown in the Home screen for the Watopia routes Coastal Crown Loop, Glyph Heights, and Mayan Mash.
  • Optimized automatic steering when riding in groups to take better advantage of draft.
  • In the FTP Tests section of Zwift Workouts, the ZADA Power Test is replaced by the Elite Racing Verification Test.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause riders to swerve when taking the Epic KOM bypass in Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue where intersection controls were incorrectly visible during some events.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause the Coastal Crown Loop route in Watopia to appear incomplete after completing it.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Neokyo All-Nighter route in Makuri Islands to not be completed if scheduled for multiple laps in an event.
  • Fixed an issue that could incorrectly award the KOM jersey for The Grade KOM.
  • Fixed an issue where bike wheel shadows could appear to be cut off when riding on the Coastal Crown Loop route in Watopia.
  • The “Overall Progress” text in Climb Portal is now translated for all supported languages.



  • Phased rollout to Windows / macOS / Android continues.
  • Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS begins today.


  • Phased rollout of version 1.69 to all OS platforms is complete.

Do you have any questions or issues to report? Please let us know below.


The end of the ‘Pairing screen’ Brake/Stop hack … Play controller braking is the way to stop now :+1:

Please tell me that this force field animation can be turned off?

Does this correct the differences between ‘draft hunting’ those with steering devices connected had vs those that did not? i.e. do non steering enabled avatars now get the same drafting behaviour as those that do have steering enabled?

Thanks :+1:

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Zwift Insider’s notes on today’s update: Zwift Update Version 1.69 (131597) Released | Zwift Insider

Zwift Insider point(s) out that you can still stop via the Pairing screen in the existing way - stop pedalling, go to Pairing and it will slam the brakes on as before.

The change is that it won’t do this IF you continue pedalling.


More specifically - “stop pedaling” means “output zero watts”, not “soft pedal.”


How do we get from this in the release notes, and then go to ZI and see “Zwift’s update notes say, “Optimized automatic steering when riding in groups to take better advantage of the draft.” This update, which Zwift is calling Pack Dynamics v5, actually includes multiple changes to the game’s pack dynamics.”

And then also see that it’s not in place in races.

Two requests here: first, give us the full release info as it’s ridiculous to have to go to a “third party” :roll_eyes: website. Second, tell your users what’s actually changing. Auto brake algorithm? Blocking algorithm? Neither? Both? Who knows


Would really appreciate it if Zwift could fix the Quit event button on iPad. This was broken 10 months, it was then fixed at some point and then a month ago it was broken again.

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@shooj @evan-zwift can you give some real information about PD5?


I noticed this morning on the climb portal despite having steering enabled when I came up behind another rider it would my avatar would swerve over to go in behind them. I think it was acentuated because there are only a few people on there and you notice when going at slower speed. Whilst moving into the draft automatically should be a good thing on a climb having to fight it with the steering made it hard work.

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I’m so happy to see that we don’t have to stop to change over a HR sensor that not communicating. This for me is a huge quality of life improvement as for some reason I go though HR monitors like its gels.

I make sure to keep a new spare in arms reach at all times :joy:


Phased rollout to iPad, iPhone and Apple TV has begun.

This is a minor change to the current pack behavior. As you’re aware, we make continual improvements in this area, and this round wasn’t extensive enough to warrant calling this version 5.


thanks for the clarification @shooj

@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn ?

So it more like PD 4.1.1 ? @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn @shooj ?

Steering puts you back into the middle of the road after 10 seconds, during free ride


Look behind with the down arrow on left play controller does not seem to be working since 1.69

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Logged in today, downloaded updates. Tried 3 different workouts, screen frooze part way through each workout requiring me to shutdown Zwift and log back in. Very frustrating. I did not lose internet connection at any time, please help.

Sorry about this issue, the team is currently investigating your report.

My avatar swerves all over like it’s drunk since this update

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