Game Update: Oct 29, 2019

Hey Zwifters, today we’ve got an update for one of our favorite times of year on Zwift - Halloween. We’ve added a totally optional mini-challenge on Watopia to find 4 locations that unlock pieces of a Halloween costume. The costume is only usable for Halloween, and will be gone once the day has come and gone.

Additionally, while we continue work on some of our big projects (ie, things that are taking 6+ months to complete) we’ve made a few changes in this update and a recent patch, such as:

  • Reworked ‘lead-in’ system for events. This should improve the lead-in countdown before lap based events, as well as resolve some of the other discrepancies we saw in the user interface during those events.
  • Fixed screen-size issue due to an Apple change in tvOS 13 on certain Apple TV’s, when used with 720p televisions
  • Fixed WatchOS 6 support
  • Fixed crash on iOS 13.1 + iPhones
  • Added Movember mission for November
  • Added content for Zwift Tri Academy
  • Tweaked speeds for meetups with the ‘Keep Everyone Together’ feature
  • Added Cannondale SuperSix Evo
  • Added additional variant of new user tutorial

I also wanted to touch on the rolling resistance changes that we made earlier in the month. Up until recently road and TT bikes went unrealistically fast on rough surfaces. As we start to think about adding other bike types such as gravel, cx, mountain bikes, fat bikes, etc in the future it made sense to start taking into consideration surface roughness vs tire/bike type. We don’t allow drafting on TT bikes. Some bikes are kilograms heavier than others and are bad for climbing. And now, road bikes can’t pretend dirt is tarmac. Dirt now acts more like dirt.

Now, with that out of the way, much of the negative feedback from some of our most outspoken Zwifters really stemmed from the fact the transition wasn’t handled very gracefully. We did a poor job of ensuring everybody got that specific update at the same time causing group rides to get blown apart as well as races being won unfairly. We’ll now be building some simple restrictions to events to ensure a more level playing field for the future (ie, requirements on equipment, up-to-date software, etc). We regret that some of the competitiveness of some group rides and races was ruined. As we continue to deprecate the older clients this issue should become mostly resolved. Additionally we’ll soon try and ensure everybody riding on events specifically on the jungle circuit will be doing so on the same class of bike (ie, MTB).

Finally, I want to thank the community for all the feedback on the steering test we launched earlier in the month. While the early skeptics were certainly vocal about it in the “Whats new” post previous to this one, in the end we’ve had almost 20,000 test rides fully completed start to finish and overwhelmingly positive feedback. While it was meant to be a low volume test, I think it could end up as a permanent addition to Watopia in the future. Who knows - maybe a whole network of single track trails can spread through the wilderness of Watopia one day.

I’ll end on a note saying we do read the feedback in this thread (and elsewhere) - even if we can’t respond to everything. I’ll personally try to check in a little more often with replies

With that, Ride on!



On the off-road Mtb section. My phone is not capable of steering. It would be great to have an option to ride it without the steering just for a change and a change of bike. Perhaps an option at the start.



Hätte gerne Deutsche Version und dann bin ich dabei



Don’t know if you guys receive replies, but just as this email came in I was reading an article about Nvidia and their latest release of graphics cards and software updates.

It made me think of the “models” within Zwift, and the difference in power over the various platforms.

Currently a lot of the scenery models are quite basic (when compared to some graphics out there) and with the introduction of ray traying cards etc I was wondering if you had any thoughts about increasing
the detail of existing maps.

I appreciate that different platforms can handle different things, but maybe in the options you could have different graphical settings, such as draw distance, level of detail etc?

It just occurred to me that as you push your product to bigger audiences, if it starts to look “out of date” potential new users won’t subscribe.

I’m the director of a CAD-based design studio, and we face a similar problem. If you aren’t pushing forwards all the time, you may as well be going backwards, as others are.

And so we have to continually update and revise the level of detail and graphical look of what we produce to suit clients, even though the actual “product” may be exactly the same, as clients always
want the “latest shiny thing”.

Hope this message reaches you, or someone, and I do hope you take these comments on board in the manner they were intended.

I love your product. A year back I was hugely overweight, but hated gyms etc, and struggle for spare time. Zwift has changed all that, and now I also have two bikes for “real-world” riding.

It has changed my life, so I think you for that. There must be many others like me too.

So keep doing what you’re doing, but stay in front of the curve.


Steve King (UK)


Good Morning! My Zwift updated this morning. New: thunder and lightning, fog, starlit sky. Beautiful. However, I was cycling for 1.5 hours in the dark. You didn’t possibly adapt Zwift to the various time zones?? I’m usually doing my workout before normale office hours, i.e. daily between 04:00-05:30 a.m. Looking very much forward to your replies!


Sounds like halloween mode is in full effect. The haunting should clear up Nov 1.


WOW !! What a great and honest communication. Respect


Hi Steve, we do actually have quite a few levels of detail. The difference between an iPhone 5S and an NVidia GPU is literally millions of polygons per frame of graphics, as well as shadowing and light scattering effects which are only available on higher end machines.

Additionally we’ve been improving the quality and detail of our expansions as time goes on, and even in todays update you might notice more detail being added to Watopia in various spots. It is a continual thing.

One interesting thing (to me at least, being from the games industry) is how different most of the Zwift demographic is when it comes to hardware they play on. Integrated Intel gpu’s are king on Windows and macOS for Zwift, and mobile hardware (iPads, AppleTV, Android) are a huge portion of users as well. In the end, we set our budgets to what 90% of users can play comfortably on, and we scale down from there for mobile platforms and integrated gpus.

We definitely don’t want to be old and outdated looking, but we also aren’t trying to compete with the latest AAA games that run on higher end hardware (but oh do I wish we were!).


I would love to see stuff like Haloween Costumes addet permanently like it is in other Games.
You have a specivic time to earn them and can ceep them afterwards.
Maybe you could make them so heavy or Aerodynamical bad that people only use them occasionally.

I also want to say that I dont understand the bad mood about the rolling resistance since it adds to the more realistic feel.


Good morning, thank you very much for the information. I’m sure this is not the correct forum but I have a problem which I have forwarded support but with no response. I have tried to open the link that is provided in order to ensure that I am included in results. I’ve tried several times and it appears that the page does not work. The result is that I’m racing without getting results particularly in the Masters category. I am a competitive 70 year old and so it would be nice to know how I’m doing.,

Thank you in advance,

keep well,


All fair comment.

I won’t be using the steering feature. Zwift is a very welcome distraction/motivator for structured training and a bit of reward over Trainerroad. Can we ensure people aren’t veering over the opposite side of the road so as not to distract from my training session if I’m going the other way? This has happened a few times already.

Could you consider paving the road to the alpe as this would be more realistic for us roadies. Happy to sacrifice the rest of the jungle loop to other bikes?

kind regards,

Mike Stacey


Sounds like some great updates there… can’t wait to test them out.

I’ver just moved from using a Mac to AppleTV 4k and it’s great. No more taking an expensive Macbook into the garage! One thing that would be great for ATV would be the ability to return a ride by simply clicking a prompt on screen - maybe a pop up for a few seconds. I’ve found it rather hard to find the person on my companion app to return the compliment and often dropped off the back of a group ride while trying to do so! This would just make it a little easier to share the community feel while using the platform. What do you think?

Thanks for the great work…



Hi Zwift

Can you use zwift off line doing training a program ?

Regards Darren

Hi, just some feedback after the update this morning. My heart rate and cadence sensor could not be found and I could finish ride.

Kind regards

How is the Android and ANT+ project coming along?..


Great, thanks.

PC Bluetooth fix, or at least a list of compatible dongles?


Paul M.

Still a novice with zwift, and enjoying so far, only problem I have is connecting blue tooth, I see you sent an email out saying, you was creating a patch for the windows 10 update, as this been done.

I have an ant+, but that is playing up also.

The 1st month or so I have had no problems, but since middle of September I have have not really used zwift because of the above problems

Many thanks

FYI, Steering works really well on Pixel 2, but not at all on new Pixel 4