Game Update Dec 2019

Hi Zwifters, our latest update is now available. The biggest news this time around is that we’ve continued to build out our off road specific offerings by adding several gravel and mountain bikes to the drop shop, as well as adding a couple of offroad relevant training plans.

Additionally we built an event specific 2km world called ‘Crit City’ that you may see later this month once we start scheduling events there. Similar to our Bologna course it’s a smaller world designed for a smaller group of Zwifters, and as such it will not regularly appear as a user selectable world.

Changes include:

  • BETA ANT+ Heartrate strap support on Android (more device support to come in next update)
  • Added December Cycling mission (Ride 100miles)
  • Added December Running mission (Run 26.2miles)
  • Fixed pedaling animation bug when riders were warming up in an event paddock
  • Additional route achievements added
  • Female riders see female leaderboards first now
  • Added Crit City event world
  • Fixed bug where event distance estimations were wrong
  • Canyon Inflite, Canyon Grail, Cervelo Aspero, Scott Spark, Canyon Lux, and Specialized Epic bikes added to drop shop
  • Dirt Destroyer and Pebble Pounder training plans added
  • Hammer H3 spin down support over ANT+ added
  • Neo 2T road feel fixed over ANT+

As for hints of what is coming in the very near future - our new menu system is coming along nicely and should hopefully make its first appearance on Apple TV next month, and later make its way to all versions of Zwift. A little something is coming for runners soon too, and we’ve also been playing with some new ways to steer bikes within Zwift. Stay tuned.

As usual if you notice any new issues with the latest release, don’t hesitate to let us know here so we can look into it as soon as possible.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


Is only the Hammer H3 now supported for spin down over Ant+, what about the Hammer H2 and original Hammer?

Left…too dear, to perpetuate this

if i choose a ride in watopia, i do not know if i did it all.
it would be good to have indications, either by a ground zone or by an on-screen display that indicates that a chosen ride has been completed.
naturally this would only be valid for the one who follows the initial road without using the changes of direction.
thank you


Le sam. 7 déc. 2019 à 10:01, Jon via Zwift Forums a écrit :


Awesome program keep up the great work we all love it!

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Hi Jon,

Könntest du die Info nochmal in deutsch senden?

Danke Gruß Holger

You fixed the Road Feel on my Neo 2T! Hooray, can’t wait to get on the bike today!

Holger: Versuch mal Google Translator, gibt es als App und auch auf der Google Website, ich denke wenn die Entwickler alles in alle Sprachen übersetzen, bleibt nicht mehr viel Zeit für Features :slight_smile:

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Dear Jon,
That’s great news.

I’m still looking forward to see all country flags implemented in game, not just because you host UCI world wide events but also because it is a better experience for the customers to get the same features as everyone else.



I would like to see something comparable to VZ Fit games without the VR Headset. I like VZ Fit games but hated the VR Headset and that’s what lead me to Zwift.

Duke Ingram

Hi. Would it be possible to limit chat in events to just the event? It’s somewhat distracting with all the chatter when there are 5k people zwifting! Any other mmo would consider this spam!


Is there any plans on more climbs such as alp du zwift?


Thanks for the update.


Please could you make the sprint start more prominent ie bigger lights visible from further out so you can gear up early or better still a flashing post with ‘Sprint’ on. I’m quite new -and I never know where they are till sometimes their gone !

I do IM and they’re a great feature for easy endurance rides with intervals.

Ride on

Ron Skilling


Please please please…

Can we have an indicator of the distance remaining on a course?

Can we also please have some indication on the courses we have previously completed?

These must be easy to implement and surely useful for thousands of riders.

Thank you.


Will there ever be an update that allows purchasing from the Drop Shop with cash to access components quicker ??
Eg 500,000 drops £5??

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Great update folks

Question - I am new to Zwift and only have choices of Watopia or either London or New York most days - driven by the calendar?

Is this correct or can I access a page that gives other choices for rides? I am not part of any cycling group or anything, I just cycle myself (for the time being)

Any help appreciated


Hey there.

Thank you for s great platform.

  1. I can confirm road feel working on Neo T2 via ant+

  2. Distance countdown in races is still not working. Updated Zwift and joined a race on Bologna TT - pushed until countdown reached Zero but no finish line to be seen. So I had to keep going super demotivated.

This is by far what I wish the most you will fix. It is SO frustrating. I also do TTT races in Thursdays where we struggle with the same issue.


Anders Holm



Time to add a hand cycle.



Absolutely, Dina let us do that.