Game Update v1.69 [July 2024]

After installing the latest update I noticed that the Zwift Controller swerve bug (that was fixed in 1.63) has re-appeared.

Maybe the addition of the “force field effect” and “Optimized automatic steering” has caused the issue?


Were any changes made to the XP required to level up in v1.69?
It’s now 9200 of accelerated XP to move from Level 71 to Level 72.


They don’t want the eternal discussion about it like it happened before.

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When will the new changes to collision be activated? Because i suppose they need to be activated server side

The original announcement of TSOZ said the initial training API connections would be released late Spring. We are now in the heat of Summer, any update on when it will be released?

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I noticed something like this too, after levelling up to L56 this morning, the ‘XP distance’ to L57 has got larger than I expected.


Same, the new level up XP amounts seem to be implemented in 1.69. @shooj can you confirm that’s intentional and not a bug?

Also the black squares are the worst I’ve seen them in a while, in the urukazi area, daytime, not big groups when it happened.


Please update at your earliest convenience.

By any chance, do you have Video Screenshots enabled? Would you capture a video and show us what you’re asking about?

The automatic steering is terrible. After a few seconds of no input, it makes severe swings to get to where it wants to go. Wasn’t this fixed in a recent update?
Can we disable auto steering?
I do like the red indicator when I’m at a limit though.


Same with me. 12.000 XP from level 96 to 97 and 16.000 Xp from level 97 to 98. Zwiftinsider says 11.000 XP each. Curious to hear if it’s a bug. Think so …

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Optimized automatic steering when riding in groups to take better advantage of draft.

All trainers are not created equal. In particular, my trainer is very slow to respond when I stop pedaling – takes many seconds for the reported power to drop to zero. Sounds like you have effectively defeated the breaking workaround.

I don’t want extra devices. Brakes are a fundamental part of riding. Just give me a brake button on my keyboard. How about ‘B’ for Brake???

Btw, don’t tell me that ATV devices don’t have a keyboard. Figure it out

I stopped buying replacement HR monitors (and wireless cadence sensors) years ago because I was tired of the ordeal. Most of them didn’t even outlast the original battery before they wouldn’t connect anymore.

Speaking of HR, that’s considered HIPPA Protected Health Data. It’s absurd to require an HR monitor to enter any Zwift event, including races. I’ll also point out that even (human) cheaters have a heart rate. The presence or lack thereof, of a monitor to report it is hardly evidence of, eg, weight doping. If you are worried about ANT+ simulators, they can fake HR monitors just as easily. And if you were about to suggest that some algorithm, hypothetical or real, could be used to tell the difference, that’s extremely creepy, and one of the main reasons I don’t want to share my HR (or other HIPPA Protected Health Data) on the internet


I’m guessing you have an elite trainer

Sorry if I garbled your Zwift name.
Also, thanks for the mouse type (seriously).

[Spoken calmly; No malice intended. I’m expressing my obviously correct point of view :wink:]

I didn’t say it’s illegal for Zwift to publish HR data. HR data is health information that is legally protected from disclosure by the medical industry. The fact that it might be legally leaked by Zwift doesn’t change the nature of the data, nor the potential harm that might occur from the disclosure.

That, plus the fact that proving (or implying) that a rider actually has a heart rate is in no way evidence wrt cheating or lack thereof. To assess the possibility of HR data being faked would require analysis of heart rate (and power) data, and that’s effectively analyzing a person’s health. Is there an amateur cardiologist in charge of that? It’s a pointless requirement.

Tbh, I don’t race for other reasons. But I occasionally enjoyed a rabbit and hare event (which isn’t really a race). I pay the same monthly rate as everyone else. I shouldn’t be excluded because I got don’t want unnecessary devices with all the connect issues (and of the expense). Did I mention unnecessary? I know when I’m tired. You don’t need to know that.
Btw, do the pros share their HR data with the other teams when they race? Serious question. I can’t watch live, and the YouTube replays focus on crashes. 8^/

As for agreeing, that’s legal cover for Zwift, but no one really agrees to EULAS. No one in their right minds would. Have you read one lately? They are long and horrifyingly over reaching. Did you notice the part in Zwift’s Eula about In App Purchases? What’s that about?
It’s take it or leave it, and sometimes we have no real choice. But this is something else. This is a rule imposed by Zwift, at the irrational insistence of users who haven’t thought it through. It’s ineffective and invasive. And mostly, I’m tired of replacing my unnecessary lesser devices every couple of months.

You can’t change public opinion about HRMs, but you can enter 99% of Zwift races without a HRM. If you want to race, race. If you don’t want to race, the discussion is pointless. If you want a cheap and reliable HRM, get an optical arm band with a rechargeable battery. It’s like $30-40 so the cost is not really a factor, but if you don’t want one, you don’t have to use one in most events.

The discussion of HIPAA is completely irrelevant to all of the above.


Nope. Cyclops. It’s a smart (and interactive) ANT+ wheel on trainer, but it’s old – made mostly of wood and bronze. :wink:

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I’ve worked in health care for decades and spent a good deal of time analyzing HIPAA (one “P” two “A’s”. Long story short, when you sign up for Zwift, it’s like any other consumer directed health/wellness site. You forfeit privacy protection for any data you provide. So no, on Zwift, your HR rate is not “protected information.”


What harm could come from “disclosure” of HR data from Zwift?

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