Avatar swerves without Play steering input [1.62]

After the update, positioning my avatar on the road using the Zwift Controllers doesn’t work as before.
I can move the avatar left/right using the controllers, however after 4 seconds it just returns to the middle of the road again. There are no riders around me when this happens, so it can’t be due to Pack Dynamics either. Before the update I could position my avatar where I wanted it, and it stayed there.


I had the same results, I think this is intended behavior for steering now. Makes a certain kind of sense to do it that way. I was wondering why the steering review pop up showed up again recently.

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I noticed the same behavior using Play controllers and came here to report it.

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Like this?

No, you can steer to whichever side you want but after a few seconds of no input it gently returns to to the middle of the lane.

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Yes this is annoying as it winds up piling people with steering on top of each other in banded meetups. I keep having to steer myself away. Why can’t I stay on the chosen side?

Hi folks, this steering behavior change is a bug and will be corrected in the next game release, 1.63.


Part of me thinks that if you have steering enabled and working, then you’re choosing to use it. You shouldn’t have the option then to get lazy about it. So the game returning you to the center after no use makes sense in a way. The road itself turns this way and that, so maybe just be glad you don’t go off road if you forget to steer in order to stay on it.

My steering device connects automatically and the pairing screen has no way to change that behavior. 95% of my rides I don’t touch the steering buttons because it doesn’t add much. I’m probably not alone in this.

Steering in Zwift has never been about having to steer when the road turns. Zwift does that for you. Actually, I think calling it “steering” has always been a bit of a misnomer. The “steering” functionality is more like “line choice”. You simply choose where you want to be on the road relative to the main path, and Zwift will keep you there. It’s actually quite useful in races/group rides, and having this “auto return” bug disrupts its usefulness.

Also, this issue has been confirmed to be a bug introduced in 1.62, and will be fixed in game version 1.63.

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I’m Not seeing this behaviour with my atv set up and play controllers

Did a ride just shy of 2 hours today and all seemed normal.

Which game version are you on?


1.62 with the plays on the latest firmware

Todays ride was group workout going into free ride for the after party in makuri.

I feel almost left out by not having the bug :rofl:

Hi, im noticing since last update the avatar always returns to center? Was that in the lastest update…i remember not long ago i could choose the right or left line and avatar would follow until i change the steering direction

Is there any setting i can apply to be able to choose a side without the avatar always returning to center?

The way it is now is awful…pls roll back to previous steering dynamics

Ps. Pls let me know if there is another post i should be complaining in :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re in a big group then steering is a lot slower anyway, so the current bug will be masked because it won’t be nearly so obvious.

If you ride on your own and steer over to one side, you’ll see it when a few seconds later it steers you back to the centre again.

This issue has been confirmed to be a bug introduced in 1.62, and will be fixed in game version 1.63.

When is the next update?

The next update rollout will begin next Tuesday, assuming Zwift keep to their usual two-weekly release cadence.

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Since last week’s update it seems like a previous issue with the steering re-appeared.

If there are no other riders around and I steer to the inside of a curve with the Zwift Play Controllers, after a few seconds my avatar will jerk back to the middle of the road.

This was an issue for awhile when the Play Controllers first came out, but it had been fixed after an update a few months back, but seems to have been reintroduced.

Has anyone else noticed this?