Zwift Play Controller. Steering Problem!

Hello, I have a problem with my left Zwift Play controller. The left control button is stuck somehow. not mechanically, but software-related. That means my avatar always drives to the center line of the road. I updated both controllers, unfortunately it didn’t help. The problem already existed with the old software. I could try recalibrating both controllers.?

Does anyone know this problem?

You need to speak with Zwift support. Go through the chatbot and keep telling it that its suggestions don’t help, and eventually you’ll get to a form that you can fill in to contact support.

I’ve asked the Zwift Support. Erick wrote that i should calibrate the Controllers. After that, the Problem is solved.

Ride on !

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I had the same problem in the last few days.
Calibration and the latest firmware 1.3 only helped for a few days.