Avatar swerves without Play steering input [1.62]

This bug raises an interesting question as to how it came to be. I see two options:

  1. an intentional change to steering was made but there was exactly zero testing of how it actually functions

  2. something completely unrelated was changed which broke steering

My hunch is #1 due to getting a steering experience survey popup recently plus the rich history of a total lack of QA at ZHQ.

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I find it happens mostly on anything with Tempist Fugit and after the waterfall on the way to LAX turnaround

Thanks Steve

Yep the steering is very annoying cant wait for the update to sort it
Really spoiling my steering experience at the moment!

I came here to report this and am glad to see it’s being addressed. It’s been driving me nuts the last few days. “Hold your line!” :grin:


It will be fixed in the next game version update 1.63

When will 1.63 be released?

The rollout will start this coming Tuesday (US time) if Zwift maintain their usual two-weekly release cadence.

Do we know when that release is coming? I jumped on to see if anyone else has been dealing with this. It is infuriating.

See the comment above yours

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Hey all - please update to game version 1.63 when the phased rollout is available to you.


Oh yes, thanks for the update! I didn’t realize how much I would miss this.
After the update it’s back to normal again.


Issue fixed! Thank you!

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Hi Shuji, sorry to put a damper on this but the issue has not been fixed and I am on version 1.63 via my ATV.

My experience is that to begin with on a workout, especially one with less traffic, my avatar will steadily head towards the middle of the road taking anything from 40-60 seconds to end up on the lines in the middle of road. Ive checked this multiple times and it does the same thing. The only caveats to this are if someone passes me then my avatar will automatically try and get into their slipstream but if their w/kg is a lot great, the slip stream is lost and I’ll continue into the middle of the road. At times, after around 20/30 mins of cycling my avatar behaves ‘normally’ however it will still creep towards the middle of the road.

When Ive finished a workout i try and do a cool down on the same route and try to stay out of everyone else’s way on the inside of the road. That almost impossible without constant pressing the controller to stay on the inside of the road as the avatar keeps trying to drift elsewhere. It would be nice the avatar didnt wander about like a drunk.

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Hmm. That sounds strange. v1.63 fixed the immediate issue for me, however I’m on a Mac, not ATV. The issue I had before v.1.63 was that my avatar would swerve left after 4 seconds and stop in the middle of the lane (not middle of the road) if I was on the right side of the lane, and would swerve right after 4 seconds to the middle of the lane when I was on the left side of the lane.

Since you experience a slow steady drift, and the fact that it takes about 60 seconds to reach the lines in the middle of the road, my first thought is that you may be having a hardware issue. One paddle may not be returning to “zero” completely, and is sending a steering signal to Zwift.

Could try riding a route where they ride on the wrong side of the road. So from starting on the edge of the road, do you still migrate to the center?

Good suggestion. @Nicola_James In Makuri Islands / London (where they ride on the “wrong” :wink: side), if my assumption is correct, you’ll be drifting towards the edge of the road instead of the center.

I have the same problem. I didn’t effect even the 1.63 update