iPad Menu and Quit Event buttons overlap [June 2024]

Using iPad same as back in September 2023.
When tapping on the lower left the MENU and QUIT EVENT button briefly pops into view before off screen at the bottom of the screen.

It is impossible to tap this button so the only way to quit an event is to end the ride using the MENU button. Annoying when you want to stay on with ridden km but change route form the group.

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Hi @Alison_Kerr welcome to Zwift forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Would you mind taking a screenshot of your iPad and sharing what you’re seeing with us? Here’s how to screenshot an iPad.

I’m curious if you have Display Zoom adjusted in iOS settings?

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Thanks @shooj appreciate you replying. I seem to have default iPad zoom.
Tried to attach a 3 second video of my screen as I try to leave a group ride but couldn’t.
So here are a few photos of the “quit event” button disappearing down off screen it’s impossible to press it when it’s on show as it’s immediately dropping off screen.

Upside is I did the entire Mayan Mash tonight when I really really wanted to stop as we hit the grade :wink::rofl:

Hi @Alison_Kerr

Thanks for the additional context and the photos. I take it was during this group ride on Mayan Mash earlier today?

That third picture sure doesn’t look right. I’ll ask the team to look into your game log and see if they can find clues.

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Amazing, thanks. Yes during that exact group ride.
Still the same in a team NL ride right now

Hi @Alison_Kerr
We were able to reproduce this issue, and will start working toward a fix. We’ll update this thread as there’s progress to report.

We appreciate your help!

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This appears to be the exact same bug I reported back in September. At some point between than and now it was fixed. But the bug appears to have returned in the latest update.