Menu issue during group rides in France

Since the last update, I’ve noticed that during group rides in France, the “Quit Event” and “Menu” buttons don’t go away. Also, if I hit the menu button, the menu pops up approx 1/4 of the way, then disappears in a split second.

I haven’t run into this in other worlds (done rides in Watopia, Makuri, London, and Yorkshire) and as soon as the event ends, the buttons go away and the menu is accessible.

This is on iOS/iPad running 1.34.0.

I have this too, I think it’s in all worlds for me though. This is on a MacBook Pro.

@Trey_Gruel happened to me on the Donut Ride in Watopia last night after getting the 1.34 update as well. In the main thread for the 1.34 updated @shooj mentioned they are investigating it, IIRC.