Won't switch worlds for group rides / races

Windows 10 on a gaming laptop. The computer gets shut down at night.

I have tried to do group rides or races in Richmond and the app freezes when it is time to switch worlds. The first time I waited for the full 5 minutes before forcing the app to close and restart. The second time I tried to restart the app with enough time to join the ride. In this case, the first attempt was from Watopia, the second attempt was from the guest world. And it still did not take me to Richmond and required a restart of the app.

It would also be nice to go straight to the pens/world from selection screen if there is less than 5 minutes before event start instead of going to a ride and then the pens.

mine was doing this today. Did you manage to resolve it?

There was no resolution. If I leave it long enough, it will load Richmond. I just plan around it. Anytime it loads Richmond (like when Richmond is world 1) it can take up to 10 minutes to move off of the loading screen.

ok thanks - think i’ll try a restart etc and hope that does the trick for the TT i have planned. Cheers