Riding during world map changeover

Has anyone ever been logged in and mid ride or run when the scheduled world changeover happens? I work night shift and get on at odd hours sometimes, and can’t help being curious what would happen. I wonder, will it let you finish your ride past the changeover, or will it bring you back to the menu? Will it save your ride or is there a chance you could loose it? Sorry if this is a stupid or pointless question, but like say, just couldn’t help being curious and couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

I’m going to log in for a ride at Richmond tonight and see what happens. The changeover is midnight ET. If I get teleported into some kind of Zwift twilight zone type situation and don’t report back, someone please log in and throw me a water bottle and a sandwich or something. Richmond doesn’t come back until the 12th and I imagine I’ll be pretty hungry/ thirsty by then.

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Nothing happens! You keep biking along with everyone else that is in that particular world at that time. So no teleporting to weird zombie states sorry :slight_smile:

All worlds are actually always active (Bologna excluded) and I’m pretty sure you will find riders in all those worlds at any time of the day - at least I have never seen a world with no riders (people use Zwifthacks, meetups or manually world hack).

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Thanks Dean. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in Richmond anyway. Not the most exciting map IMO. At least give me NY or Watopia, or maybe Makuri once the Neokyo map goes live :crazy_face:. I really do appreciate the info, especially since Zwift seems to have not taken DST into account yet and already moved onto London/ Yorkshire, so I would have had to wait another few days to try again.

I might have to try the Zwifthacks one of these days. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for the current guest worlds. Could be fun to have your choice of any of them at a given time.

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You will only notice that the number of fellow riders will slowly decrease. No new riders will join (unless they are joining an event or using the world hack) and as each rider finishes their ride and quits the numbers will go down. The world change happens mid afternoon where I am from so I’ve experienced it a few times. It is remarkably unremarkable.

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