Changing worlds without exiting Game

Hi! It would be great if we could switch up worlds or rides without having to quit out and rejoin the game. Is that do-able?

what do you run zwift on?

On PC now and i assume Mac you can end on your ride and get back to the menu screen to switch world without closing the game.

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With Apple TV you have to log back in, go through the pairing screen, etc. after finishing a ride to start another one.

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Same in Android. I don’t understand why it doesn’t skip all that and goes directly to the ride screen.

It’s a real pain in the ass to have to go through the current method…seems like not much effort was put into the system.

I’m on an Apple TV.

As above then unfortunately you have to exit and reload. Thankfully ATV is fairly quick to load and might in future get the functionality like PC users where they can return to the menu and select new world.

There was a ATV design update suggested about a year ago but I believe it got cancelled. Maybe the coming soon user menu changes will bring a solution

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