Is there a way to end a ride and then go back to the main menu without closing Zwift (MacBook Air 2018)

Is there a way to go to the Zwift menu when you finish a ride without exiting the game?

Any help appreciated.

I have a MacBook Air Model A1466

Ride On!

Nope, not yet but hopefully someday we will get this feature.


No not yet, but there are a few things you can do.

If you are riding and want to:
a) Start a workout = press “e” and that will take you to the workout menu.
b) Join a race/ride = Use the ZCA (Zwift companion app) and sign up for the event, a button will appear in the bottom left (Join Event) before the event start.

The only other reason I can think of that you need to go to the main menu is to change worlds.

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Or change routes/starting point.

I sometimes do a short workout as a warm up and then want to start a separate session for the sim mode, so the averages and time and stuff for the sim mode are all reset.

would be really good to exit back to the routes/world selection screen


I am new to Zwift because my son recommended it. I like it so far, except it is VERY annoying to end a ride and be forced to exit the app then have to restart it to get back to the main screen or some other menu to pick another ride or workout. Seems like a simple common sense thing to have and not hard to program. I can’t recommend this app to others until this is fixed.

Its a pain I agree loading seems to take forever whilst you sit there covered in sweat waiting to start a new ride

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What?? I wont pay more for that lol. Its just lame they dont have its standard option with all the fancy tech they are using

There is no price increase or tiered subscription model coming in the near future. He was just referring to a survey that was sent out that had different pricing option: New Pricing Survey

good to hear as I just signed up for the monthly program which I understand is the only option?

Yes, there is only one pricing tier, but you can get a subscription Gift Cards and pay for 3 months or even a year in advance:

Hello Peter,
I contacted support and unfortunately it is not yet possible to date.
We hope for their future update, so that we can keep the app open even after finishing a ride.

Bump please Zwift! Surely this is a simple addition to the app, I don’t understand why it isn’t as standard.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jamie_Thomas1, vote up this thread, not that it matters as this has been ignored for years…
Allow Saves Without Exit