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Good morning,

I would like to once again address the interface of the PC program as it pertains to menu choices and the program EXITING when you end a ride, whether you save it or discard it.  I’d like to get feedback from the Community, as well as from the fine folks at ZWIFT as to why the program is coded this way.

Here’s the deal…I get into ZWIFT to do a simple warm up to not only get my body going, but my bike and Kinetics trainer “warmed up” as well, EVEN THOUGH an FTP workout program has a “built in” warm up period.  When I want to exit that “warm-up ride” after 5 or so, I should have the option to go to the workout menu (menu button added to bottom left of screen…thank you) without COMPLETELY EXITING THE PROGRAM.  When I DISCARD a ride (the “warm-up ride” in this case), the program should take the user back to some “Main Menu” where s/he can choose to ride again or access a workout session.

This can’t be that difficult to program into your interface.  Beyond that, I understand there are going to be glitches in the software/interface, but I know y’all are working diligently and tirelessly on those.  If you would just change this ONE SIMPLE THING (and it may not be simple from your POV), your program would become even better than what it is today.

Thanks for your support and ear…

Kind regards!!!

All you have to do is hit “E” on your keyboard and it brings up the Workout menu, choice on and Ride On!. And if you want to end a Workout early all you have to do is hit skip on the Zwift App and you will be back to riding normal.

Yes these are work arounds, and yes there needs to be a change when you exit a ride, but a little research and you would have found the solution to your issue.

Thanks Paul Allen!!  So I guess I’ll need to set up an array of monitors, keyboards, and mice just to operate ZWIFT from the confines of my bike while riding.  It’ll look like an operating console from the set of Crystal Palace/SAC Command!!  LOL!!!

So how exactly do YOU personally have all this set up?  Do you have your keyboard/mouse set up next to your bike while it’s in the trainer or do you get off your bike, go to the computer, click/press whatever you need to, and then get back on your bike?

Sorry I didn’t research that further.  Discipline accepted…

A lot of people using Zwift will use a wireless keyboard and use the mobile app. There is no need for multiple monitors any other nonsense. 

I just use the mobile app and a mouse and never have to get off the bike. I have thought about a wireless keyboard, but the way I use Zwift there has not been a need for it. In your case a wireless keyboard, mouse  and using the mobile app would solve most if not all your issue. All you would need to do is put a stand of some type next to you. I have one with a fan, drink, snacks, remote for TV and another fan and my mouse. I could also put a keyboard on it if needed since it has a small drawer I could put some stuff in.

Necessity is the mother of invention and assumption is the mother of all f… ups.


Hi all, 

First of all - Thank you very much for your outstanding help Paul! One Ride On for you :slight_smile:

Secondly - A lot of people use THIS wireless keyboard or any other touchpad keyboard and THIS tray or similar. However Wahoo-Fitness came up with the Wahoo Fitness desk not long ago and that’s something we highly recommend - pretty neat solution full of handy features. 

Hope it helps and Ride On!

I’m sick of seeing things like "but a little research and you would have found the solution to your issue." and “I just use the mobile app”.

For starters the forum setup is unorganized and to search for your subject matter can take up a lot of time with the possibility you may find what you’re after. It’s logical then that there will be multiple posts regarding the same subject matter (under all types of subject Titles) resulting in nothing being done about feature requests from users.

Secondly I use a PC and I feel that all of the features of the mobile link app should be available on both platforms. I think having another device in front of me is not only more distracting but inefficient and unnecessary.