One click to save and exit Zwift after training

Hi, I think it would be great if there was a button that would allow us to save and completely quit Zwift when a training session is finished. It actually takes 6 clicks after a training session to exit Zwift, and when I’m all sweaty and want to jump ASAP in the shower, I think it would be great to have that option.

Thanks for considering.

Hi @Francis_Gauvin

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That’s how Zwift was for many years but people wanted to go back to the main screen so Zwift changed.

I am with you I want to exit the game when done, it was much better.

Trying to see if I remember without being in the game:

  • one to bring up the [Menu] button
  • [End Ride]
  • [OK]
  • [Save]
  • one on the exit door
  • [I’m done]

If you’re on a PC at least, you can reduce that to five clicks:

  • one to bring up the [Menu] button
  • [End Ride]
  • [OK]
  • [Save]
  • click the [x] to close the window (top right)

If you can reach your keyboard, it’s even shorter:

  • press [ESC], which should take you directly to the End Ride screen (bypassing the Ride Report)
  • [Save]
  • click the [x] to close the window (top right) or press [Alt]+[F4]

When you say you want a single click, what is it that you would click on? Do you mean a permanent “Save and Exit” button on the screen?

it isn’t a binary choice - there could be both options.


It can not be both? Sometimes I am “done” or have to go at the end of a workout’s cool down. Sometimes I want or have time for a bit more cooldown.

Yes, best would be to add this option. I clearly understand that one would want to return to menu.

But there could be the option to just save and exit everything with one click!