Ending ride options

I would like the ability to finish a workout and save it to strava without ending my zwift session. 

For example: I recently completed a workout and would have liked to separate that from the extra km I did after the workout ended. Instead I has to save/exit and re-log in.

Is there going to be a way to end a ride w/out leaving the game ?


No way yet, but hopefully coming soon!


Any progress made with this yet?     This is an annoying little bug that should be easy to address.    

I say annoying because for many of us we don’t want to stop and get off and then relaunching the program.   All told it’s only maybe a minute of downtime, but for those trying to keep the exercise going it’s certainly a pain in the butt.


Over a YEAR and no change to this major flaw in the program? We can get all sorts of special shades now (big woop) but still no way to keep our trainer and Zwift connected after one event save?  wow…most “games” have options to save and continue. An explanation as to why it’s such a chore to make this change would be nice.


I fail to see why this VERY SIMPLE but yet valuable feature is not implemented yet. Just the fact that somebody has to ask for it astonishes me. I would estimate that it would probably take 5 lines of code. Maybe somebody can explain, as asked previously, why this eludes the zwift development team? It’s been on the backlog for almost two years now. Really!