Save Ride & Continue.

(simon spalding SRVC) #1

I’d love to see a save ride & continue option after finishing a ride

(Paul Allen) #2

This is one of the most requested feature on the Zwift Forums, I am hoping we get it soon.

(Omar Rivas) #3

Yes please !!

(B My Pal Al) #4

I agree. I get half way up a mountain and need to stop. It would be great to continue up the mountain on the next ride so I can see what’s over the hill and take advantage of the downhill ride.

Please make this an option when exiting or logging back on.



(Marc Nielsen) #5

I’d like it for the finish of a race, as it stands I usually save the ride at the conclusion of a race, then startup again to do a cool down and maybe a light workout.



(Oliver Bird) #6

No brainer - what other software makes you exit to start a new activity?