Save and Stay

 Please add the option to Save the ride and Stay for a new ride WITHOUT the need to log off and then log on again. We may want to do warm up or cool down and that is frustrating with the current option “Save and exit”.

Thank for considering

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This is one of the most requested feature, make sure you vote up all the existing ones also.

Here is a quick search of some of the request:

Will do so, thanks. Lets hope Zwift is listening us

We’re listening and this is definitely on the radar :) 

this is by far the most dumbest thing ever saw in game/application.

first position in guiness record and no need to worry about loosing it.

sorry for my attitude but that think , that we have to re-logon everytime is very annoying.

Other than that i really love zwift.


so this comment trail started in March and the zwift comment about being on the radar was posted in March. 


Is there any update on whether its just a faint blip on the long range over the horizon radar or a huge white dot on the short term radar?

It annoys me ZWIFT people because I am running zwift quote well on a older laptop which works well once the app is running but does take its sweet time loading the app. So it would be nice if you know you are going to do few rides in one day to be able to stay with the app open. Yesterday i trode early, wanted to check out a ride a few hours later but being forced to reload the app meant i missed the start of the ride, and its happened to me a few times on AHDR but they have the start late option, unlike yesterdays ride i missed. 


I had the same issue as you, my laptop would take forever to get Zwift up and running. I have since moved to a more power desktop (cost was about $500) and now open Zwift is a breeze. I plan on upgrading the hard drive to a SSD and get a better graphics card in to improve the visuals. 

Zwift is working on an update and this issue should be resolved in the coming months, but hopefully sooner since it is the most requested feature on these forums.