Allow Save Without Exit

(Tena Heffernan_Z57+) #1

Please allow us to end and save our rides without logging out.  Often after a ride is over, there are things I want to still do within the app.  It is a royal pain to have to log back in again to do them.

(Nigel Moseley) #2

I agree withTena, stop logging out unless requested.

(Lynn Durand) #3

I too agree with Tena. 

(N T (Lanark)) #4

Yes Id also agree, its a bit annoying having to log back in again.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #5

I just don’t end the ride until I have done all that stuff. Just click on the side options and that screen goes to the background until you need ot check oute

(Bas van Vliet) #6

Please let me save my ride and then check out my new earned outfits and gear without having to startup the program again on my PC. 

(... david (aka "setuid")) #7

Zwift already does this by saving your .fit file every 10 minutes. Just pluck the .fit file out of the ,\Zwift\Activities directory and upload that to your online service of choice and you’ll have all the data you need from your ride without exiting the app. 


(Harvey Keefe) #8

I agree.  I may want to complete a separate warm-up session, before my main ride.  It needs a main home screen that we return back to after each ride.   This is very frustrating when completing a ride, having to exit and then re-load the software.  I may want to change my current configuration between rides, or take on a kit upgrade I’ve earned.  Thanks

(Tena Heffernan_Z57+) #9

David, your solution does not address the issue i have raised in this thread. This isnt about uploading data any place. At least not for me.

(Deana Amen) #10

agreed, sometimes you just want to look around when you finish the ride, but once you click finished the program closes.


(Bart Schreurs) #11

Agree! A “main Menu” is a must if you’d ask me, and frustrates me weekly since I often use a different warm-up and main ride. To me not a question but a MUST

(Malte Paulat (Tacx Neo)) #12

+1 Urgently needed. Usability is really lacking due to this missing feature.
Implementation should not be that hard.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #13

Doesn’t anyone get it? You don’t need to exit or finish the ride as soon as you stop. The recording has finished you can look over the data at leisure. 

As an aside, every program has a beginning and end. Don’t click on end ride until you have finished the 'data review"h. Then click on it and save strava, and then go have your dinner. Its that simple.

(Carl Quirion) #14

If no one gets it, Mal May, maybe there is an issue with how the UI is presented. Even if you *can* do it, doesn’t mean it is userfriendly/intuitive.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #15

There are a lot of things that need doing before this.

For example. “Where are segments?”

And of course “why don’t I get a lap time when I select a fixed course?” 

Those things have no solution, whereas the question about when to exit your ride has already a viable solution. 

(Carl Quirion) #16

Well, yes, there are more important matters, but this must still be logged and adressed at some point. I dont agree with Malte about this having to fixed ASAP, but it still does have to be fixed at some point.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #17

I’m sure. However the action / service they want is already there.

It just needs a clean up on the interface. By now if anyone has read through this thread, they should know they can do exactly want they ask for right now. 

So given a priority between performing a service or cleaning up an interface, I’d rather they work on the service.  

(Ian Thomas) #18

As a new Zwifter I thought I was doing something wrong watching it logout after I save a ride. Please change this (eventually).

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #19

Its been changed. The addition of the menu at the end of the ride on the bottom left side of the screen. However, all the data you need is on that screen. Don’t log out if you want to look at it. You ride has edned, you aren’t adding time. And the best place to look at it is the strava site. The data is complete on that page. If you haven’t signed up on strava, do so, and link it. 

Just remember that all the data you will see from zwift is on that page. And your ride doesn’t get slower by not clicking end ride. Cos when you click that, you can send it to strava, and your time in zwift is over.  

This is an old thread. The system menu option was added two updates a go. If you want to stay oin that page, don’t click end ride. Simple, and as complex as its going to get.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #20

@Malcom K. May: That’s not how it works. If you stop pedaling and get to the pause menu, it does not save or sync your activity with Strava or TrainingPeaks. The ONLY way that happens, is by clicking the orange “Save + Strava/TrainingPeaks” button, which ends your ride and closes Zwift.

What Tena and others are asking for, is a way to push the activity to Strava/TrainingPeaks, but not end the Zwift session, without closing Zwift down.