Save, Discard, or Continue riding ?

Any chance of adding a continue button to this screen instead of just having to quit ?


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You can hit “Esc” to continue riding, but you’re right that it would be clearer with another button.

Good to know thanks


Can that be done from the iPhone or iPad app? Otherwise need to dismount and go to laptop.

But not once you hit ‘Save Ride’.  As soon as you do that, it dumps you from the program.


It would be really useful to be able to stay logged in once the ride is saved, to fiddle with settings, to watch other riders, or to start another ride.  Currently you need to log back in, then hit just watch, or pair then ride etc.


Please offer an option to do a subsequent ride w/o exiting rather than being dumped out of the app after saving or discarding a ride. 

Often due to sensor errors (e.g. multiple tire slippage errors) or whatnot, ride data becomes worthless. As someone new to Zwift, the thing that’s preventing me from paying for membership is that the experience feels very Beta. Too many needless headaches… e.g. Why no “remember me” option at app login? Why such a kludgy bluetooth sensor solution?

Less flying work on flying Santas and aquariums please, more work on a migraine free rides.




I would love to go into another ride after my workout, or just bop around the settings menu without having to log back in after saving my first ride.

I agree, an option to save and continue riding after you finish a race/ride.  Currently, I have to either continue riding in the same race or have to reboot Zwift.