When quitting and saving a workout, go to holding screen instead of closing app down.

At the moment, when you end a ride and save/discard it, the app closes down.

If I wished to separate out my workouts ie Warm up, Main Set, Cool down etc I would have to start up the app and go through the log in process each time.

It would be a much better idea to go to a holding screen with an option to quit the game from there. The kit change screen for example.

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Exactly right. That holding screen would be a good springboard to go into settings (jersey selection, etc.), provide your info (weight, trainer, etc.), as well as go into spectator mode once they build that. :smiley:

Completely agree. As soon as I completed my ride I wanted to review it but I was a bit disappointed when it just shut off. Would be nice to have it go to a review of the ride or like Aaron said, the rider setting mode.

Haha, until reading this thread I though Zwift crashed each time I finished my ride. :slight_smile:

Seems like a very good suggestion to change this behavior. 

yeah I have thought about doing workout one way then saving and running another workout the opposite way …you can do this now but you have to log all the way out and back in. 

I support this idea too. Last night I tried an FTP test in Zwift, and due to warming up and cooling down I had to start Zwift three times.

Might be less painful when it remembers my password, but even then it’s a little annoying as start-up and log-in take a while. 

I also thought it was crashing. Post ride, if I’ve unlocked some new kit, I wanna go in and check it out! We definitely need an ‘exit zwift’ button somewhere which is the only way the program gets shut down.

It would be great to simply go back to the “Ride” screen and select a workout (or another workout), Ride or Just Watch.

It could be more choices rather than just Strava and Discard. Could have “Start another ride” and/or “Settings” to change name for group rides or change jerseys etc.

Shouldn’t have to quit the app.

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I strongly support this - It seems that Zwift will prompt you to change your FTP if you have had a good session (whether race, workout or standard ride) but the application does not stay open to allow you to make this change.

Plus, when you re-open Zwift there is no way to see the revise FTP that was recommended.

The most frustrating thing about Zwift right now is how often you have to close and open the desktop application - surely Zwift want people to stay on their bike!?

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