Screen after saving?...

After saving the ride, the swift program immediately terminates. is this normal behavior? I was expecting some type of screen where you can see a summary or maybe analysis of the ride you just did.

It is currently expected behavior for Zwift to shut down once you click “save and exit”. What kind of data might you like to see at the end?

Jon - how about the data that’s in the “pause” screen - HR / Power, elevation-type stuff. How about your level and accomplishments - or just what you new accomplishments during that ride were. How about strava segment times / top 10’s, etc…

Just thinking out loud :wink:

I suppose the thinking was that it was a bit redundant to show the information both before and after you quit, so we decided that the summary info would be available any time you stop moving. We are adding a 2nd and 3rd page to the pause screen currently with information about your achievements and other stats, but maybe having a simple “report card” page show up after you quit wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Yes, I think it would be great to have it after quitting, on a menu allowing to view all those stats, for the ride and also historical.
You could also even add leaderboards on that page, so you can see where you stack up against other ‘zwifters’
BTW, where can I see the level and accomplishments? Is that displayed only during a pause during an activity? I was looking for that on that startup screen.

I need to think about it a little more and definitely ride with and use the software a bit more, but after my first ride last night the immediate shutdown caught my attention as well. It left me feeling like there should be some kind of summary screen or something afterwards.

Or even if you had the option to continue too ride for another session or even just too warm down!!
To have an option to do this would be great instead of just exiting!!