Ride's end

When I stop pedaling I got this “I’m done” choice that effectively shuts down the software. What I think is good to have especially during testing is go back and immediately join another rider.

If I’m understanding this correctly, you want to be able to go back to the main screen where it gives you the choice to Just Ride or Ride with Friends, right?

If you just want to keep riding after you hit the pause screen, you can just start pedaling again to close that pause screen. :slight_smile:

Yes i want to go back to place where I can select and join another rider. For simple pause I am aware that is I continue pedaling it will resume, The feature I am asking is important for testing since sometimes I have to dismount/take a phone call/whatever. If by then I am 2km behind there is no point of continuing unless I can get behind someone and start racing again

This is an excellent idea, though I could see it being disabled in the case of races or other events where “rejoining” would provide the rider an advantage. Finding Use Cases where this might lead to abuse of the system could be interesting.

Moved this over to Feature Request because, hey, you’re requesting a feature (and people seem to agree) :slight_smile:

+1 for this. Instead of the “Join Ride” screen, I was hoping for more of a system dashboard. Somewhere I can review past rides, messages, pairings and settings. Everything I can do on the website, or ride “pause” screen, but outside the context of a ride. To be honest, this would be the default screen when loading the software (and automatically logging in!!), and then joining a ride would be a subsequent action/option.

I would like to do a couple of group rides back to back. But I find that after finishing the first group ride, I am now in the general screen and I cannot go back to join another group ride from the top right hand corner. I have to exit out of Zwift and log back in. 

Is there a way to join another group ride after finishing my first group ride?




Yes, it would be good not to get logged out after a ride end.