Have to get off bike to continue after group ride

During rides I use the Companion app to interact with Zwift, I have no direct access to my computer. After finishing a group ride I sometimes get the following screen. As there is no time out function on it, the only way to continue riding is to get off my bike and click OK on my computer. By then I will have lost contact with any riders from the group ride that I wanted to continue riding with.
It should not be necessary to get off my bike to close a pop-up screen.
Is there a way around this on the app? If not, could you get this fixed because it does not make any sense.

What device are you using to run Zwift? And are you sure this doesn’t time out? I generally click the OK button (I’m using ATV and use the remote for this), but I thought it disappeared after about 15 seconds even if I didn’t. It certainly seems like it should go away automatically, sort of like the ‘Do you want to return to XXXX?’ that appears if your event is not in the same world where your started.

Zwift is running on an ordinary Windows 10 laptop. Yes usually I get the message you mention but every now and then it’s this screen and it stays up forever. Only when I click OK on my laptop it disappears and I get the “stay here” option.

Hi @Hinko_Rookmaaker

I definitely get your concerns, and I can see how something like that would be bothersome since it clearly interrupted your efforts to continue riding after an event.

That said, I don’t know of a way to get past that screen unless you select the “OK” button from the app, which would seem to necessitate access to your mouse.

Do you use a wireless mouse and if so, is there a way for you to keep that closer to your bike when you ride?

Perhaps you have or can acquire a tray or table to put within arms reach of your bike and trainer, and put the wireless mouse there. I realize this may not be the most convenient or ideal solution, but seems like perhaps a practical workaround, all things considered.

Hope that help!

Hi Steven,
That would be a workaround, yes, although I believe in the end it’s an issue that Zwift should fix on their platform.

@Hinko_Rookmaaker , I definitely get what you mean, and sometimes simple changes like that can go a long way towards making Zwift more enjoyable.

That said, what you’re suggesting seems to be more suitable as a feature request as opposed to being a true bugs and support issue.

If you search the Feature Requests section of the Forums, you might find something comparable, and please feel free to upvote it. Otherwise, you can create your own post in the Feature Requests section and others will have the ability to upvote it. That’s likely your best bet for this particular issue.