New "Ride time" pop-up does not close automatically

After finishing an event a nice looking “ride time” pop-up appears. In the past a similar pop-up appeared and disappeared again automatically after 30 seconds. The new pop-up does not do this, which is a problem for me because when I ride I am not within reach of my computer (I do use the Companion app, of course). Now, if I want to close the “ride time” pop-up I need to get off my bike which is very annoying, especially if during the ride I agreed with some riders to continue riding after finishing the event.

Is there a solution or workaround for this?

here you go

as a work around you could try using this app.

free version turns your phone into a touchpad so if you don’t have a table and/or mouse in reach this will do the job

Agreed, it is annoying. I noticed it yesterday. Hopefully the 30 second window will get apples again.


Thanks for your suggestion. I did consider a wireless mouse but the bluetooth connection interferes with the wifi connection of the Companion app so the only way I can use with is with Bluetooth switched off. It’s annoying how in this case one issue with Zwift creates another issue. So I’m afraid I’ll still have to get off my bike after every race…

try the app i recommended - it should work and doesn’t need bluetooth to be enabled

No bluetooth, OK that sounds great, I’ll gve it a try, thanks!

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I came here to upvote this. My god it’s annoying. I’d race to the top of AdZ for someone to make this auto close happen asap.

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Ah yes. Go buy something to resolve this. How about add a close feature to Companion. This is a new feature and they should hear out the people that now have to ride with this in their face.