New results screen

Can we please add a button on the companion app to close this screen or it closes in 60 secs itself? It is an absolute pain to get off my bike, find the mouse and click close if I want to keep riding. Especially if there is another event that starts in a few minutes, I can’t see the “join the event” option unless I close this screen. During the tiny races today, I had to get off the bike to close this screen 3 times, which wouldn’t have been the case with the old results screen which closed itself.

Is there any way to vote more than once. This is just driving me crazy.


I voted in your honor

It would certainly be best if Zwift did away with these annoying screens which require action to get rid of them.

However one option you may wish to consider is the Voice Attack facility.

I initially found this facility on this forum where it was only being used to activate a Power-Up.

The one profile is free to use and allows up to 20 voice commands. I started off using it for
Power Up
Left, right and U-Turns
And have recently been adding Photo, Mouse Click, enter and esc key commands.
I’m going to add up and down for teleportation facility and hopefully video for when I start using that facility.

I’m sure with the simple command of ‘Close’ you could close that race results screen. [or if you yell a well known two word phrase at the PC that could be programmed to do the same :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:]

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I don’t have a mic connected to the PC to issue a voice command. I only use PC to run the game, and for everything else I use my phone.

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Thanks for the post and totally agree. Would love to see a little more in game support on the companion app. Closing race results or having them time out as they used to after 60 seconds would be awesome. Such a pain to get off and close. If you are riding after with a the group you get dropped when closing the screen and it makes it tough to reconnect.

Great to hear another success story for Voice Attack. I am using the paid version and it has been useful also for other programs etc.

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Please Zwift, fix this. It’s crazy that someone made the conscious decision to remove the timeout on that screen.

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This is surely the simplest fix and is infuriating. Leaping off the bike to fiddle with the mouse to close the screen and jump back on again before being dropped is a right pain and completely unnecessary.

Zwift I agree - this is driving me crazy.
The laptop I use to run Zwift is out of my reach when I’m on my bike, and so when this screen pops up (which I personally never really needed in the first place), I can’t close it without climbing painfully, post-race, off my bike, and limping to my laptop.
Please either get rid of this, or enable a way to close that thing via the zwift app.
Thanks! :smile:

Having had this screen pop up on me again this weekend and now this morning at the end of a race, I just want to chime in here, and nudge this post once again.
a) I don’t actually feel this results screen even needs to exist
b) add a button to the Zwift App that lets us close it.
c) make it time out after 15 or so seconds ( I think someone above suggested 60 seconds… i’d rather it timed out far faster than that).

100% agree. This is super annoying that you can’t just continue the ride after a race without this screen that doesn’t really serve any purpose.

I voted for it’s removal too!

@xflintx The growing concern about the results screen is begging for some action from Zwift’s end. I doubt that this is a hard fix to implement. Can we sneak this in the January patch perhaps?

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Perhaps I should have tagged @shooj instead. Either way, appreciate both of your hard work.

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We’re working on this currently and it should be out pretty soon.

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Many thanks and happy holidays!

At the end of an event… A screen appears with the statistics of the event and forces me to go to the PC to close this screen if I want to continue on the same route. Previously this screen would disappear after a few seconds. It has a solution? Thank you

Sorry my english is very poor…

I think one of the recent patches resolved this issue.

problem solved. thank you so much.