Auto close results screen after group ride is finished

(Mark Stevenson) #1


After completing a group ride a results pop up window will appear that used to auto close after say 30 seconds.  This no longer happens and remains on the screen until the OK button is pressed.  This is annoying if I want to continue riding as my computer/laptop is not within reach.

Is it possible for this screen to auto close like before?  Is there a setting somewhere?



(Steven D) #2

Hi Mark,

The issue you described of the Race Results/Event Results screen lacking button functionality is a known bug that we’re currently investigating. We are collecting additional data from Zwift community members on the issue. If you are able to capture any video of the problem, please submit a support ticket and attach the video to your reply. It could be most helpful in our efforts to fix the problem.

We aim to provide a fix in an upcoming update to the game, however, I do not yet have a more specific timetable as to when we can expect to see the issue fixed.

I apologize for the inconvenience and I thank you kindly for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.


(Mark Stevenson) #3

Thanks for the information Steven, I look forward to the upcoming update fix.