Zwift crash after race results display

After a race, the results screen pop up.
Once I push on Ok button to quit and come back to game display, Zwift crashed.

Problem is that my zwift activity have been reduced of several kilometers before the end of the race (despite I actually finish it).
In Zwiftpower, my activity is also reduced but in the race report I am at the correct position.

Did anyone had this kind of trouble?

I have the same problem as described, only way that Zwift does not crash is to wait until timer on OK button counts down to zero and results dissapear, then you can quit the game normaly. If you press OK when seconds are counting, the game always crashes.
I am using Zwift on Windows 10.

This happened to me twice in the last 7 days.
I’ve checked if there’s an issue with my gaming computer for Zwift or connection, nothing there.

Have you checked the .fit file which has in the filename it’s not finished? For me they are complete, the correctly named .fit file is corrupt.

Also worth looking: check the zwift log files if you find anything useful there, or even post them here and we’ll have a look.

Both in Zwiftpower and Zwift account, the fit file is reduced to 21km (in place of 24km).

What do you mean by .fit file which has in the filename it’s not finished and how do you get it?

fit files are stored in Zwift folder in Documents under Activites.