Crash while accessing Event Results post race [Android]

This has happened to me twice following the same scenario.

I am using the latest version of the game on Android tablet.

When I finish a race and then check the “Timeline”, then “Power Curve” and then go back to “General” tab and click at the “Events result”, the app crashes. This had happened to me twice following the same scenario.

When I start the game again, it allows me to resume the activity and ultimately save it but the link to the race results is lost. The only way to review result is ZwiftPower or

Can you fix it for the next game release? Let me know if you need more details to reproduce it.

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This has been a difficult issue for us to reproduce, so it’s hard to get a handle on the exact cause. There may be other factors about your device or Android version that might play a role that we’d like to know about.

So we can give you one-on-one support and gather more details - please contact my Support colleagues offline. Please ask for a human agent, mention that you started with our forum and reference issue # COMP-7951.

Thanks. I have sent the Zwift logs from before and after the crash and will try to catch the support later.

This crash has returned in the latest version. Had it happen on Thursday post race.

Already captured here: Crash while accessing Event Results post race [Android]

I sent the logs from before the crash to Zwift Log email. No response from them yet.

It happened to me twice out of 2 tries two weeks ago. I am definitely not trying it again and will rather check results after the activity is saved :grinning:.

Just curious - which operating system do you use? Wondering if it is platform/Android specific.

It also occurs on Apple TV. Reproducing is simple, per the original post…

I had this happen today after finishing Chasing Tuesday race.

On a windows computer from the end ride screen this time not from the immediate race finish popup (I had that happen in July).