Zwift crash when looking at events after finishing a race

As the title says, finished an event (Zwift Insider rebel route), ended that ride, started looking for a new event, then everything turned white before it totally crashed.

There aren’t any known issues for this that I’m aware of, does it happen every time you try to find a new event after finishing an event or was this a one time thing?

Thankfully only a one time thing for now as I don’t typically try this. I’ll stick to ZwiftPower or the companion app for events.

Hi @Johnathan,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry to hear you experienced this issue, however, I am glad to hear it occurred after you had finished your ride!

I’m also glad to hear that this has been a one time issue, however, if you do run into this issue again it would be great to have you contact us at Zwift support so that we can take a deeper look into this with you!

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